UK company Ski Yodl launches £ 750,000 fundraiser to fund expansion plans during pandemic

UK company SkiYodl has launched a fundraiser of £ 750,000 to fund expansion plans during the pandemic for the 2021 season.

Founded by Oli Dannatt and his business partner Si Latarche, the unique ski company in travel technology enables organized vacations on a large scale, specializing in providing the best local knowledge with a ‘voice of confidence’.

Founder Oli Dannatt was Richard Branson’s private ski instructor and lived in Verbier for ten years before moving to London to work as a naval broker. Her famous and high profile clients included Gianluca Vialli, Natalie Imbruglia, Jamie and Jooles Oliver, Dexter Fletcher, Claudia Schiffer, Clive Woodwood and Peter Gabrielle.

SkiYodl has a large community of resort specialists in twelve major ski destinations and over 2,000 separate accommodations, providing instant insight so travelers feel like seasoned locals even before arriving and can have a vacation like s ‘they lived there. SkiYodl customers instantly gain knowledge that the company has spent years learning.

The company is a marketplace of honest information so customers can create vacations with the promise of “ trust us so others trust you ” with “ direct bookings ” that meet the needs of the ‘individual.

An easy-to-use platform offers customers information on the best accommodation, the best bars, the best nightlife, the best restaurants and much more. SkiYodl will also offer a unique app and a pocket concierge that constantly gives real-time updates and advice on current events such as the best bar to watch your favorite sports team, the best cocktail or the best pizzeria; it’s so good that you will feel like you were born on the mountain.

Fundraising will allow SkiYodl to become experts at more resorts and develop the largest community in the world with which they can share the best secrets the mountains have to offer. It will allow them to create their pocket concierge, a unique native application that provides customers with real-time information on each station. It will also allow the company to create a one-stop-shop for ski rental, ski lessons and lift passes and airport transfers while avoiding the stress of arrival.

SkiYodl brings technology to the ski travel space. The majority of existing ski travel companies don’t offer real-time reservations and customers find the process slow and outdated. SkiYodl uses technology to allow customers to search and book what they are looking for in real time.

Everything is handpicked by our in-station repairers. SkiYodl is passionate about bringing the best of the mountain to its customers so that they have honest and reliable information to build their trip. By combining cutting-edge technology and resort knowledge, they created the first large-scale organized marketplace with direct reservation in the ski area.

TV presenter Jake Humphrey has pledged his support and has already pledged to invest in the crowdfund for the company.

Founder Oli Dannatt said: “In a world where you can book almost anything with one click, the ski travel market has not kept pace. There is a gap in the market for local and honest station information available for the live book.

“Ski Yodl is a technology-driven company and offers customers the ability to search and book their ski trip in real time. However, our real secret lies in who we know. Our growing network of in-resort repairers offers our customers the best seaside resort discovery without any SB. In our first season we generated £ 350,000 in booking revenue and over 10% gross margin and we already have 30,000 fans on social media. “

Si said: “We know that every great trip starts with great accommodation and this is where SkiYodl has focused, but with the increase in crowds we aim to go so much further. This increase will allow us to realize our vision and be the largest organized marketplace and trusted voice of the ski industry.

Jake said: “I will be investing in increasing the SkiYodl crowd, I have been so impressed with what the company has already achieved. The team is second to none and the tech-centric company looks at the ski market differently, realizing it’s not fit for purpose and SkiYodl is doing something about it.

Peter Foster – start-up investor and advisory board member – said: “I used Ski Yodl to plan my ski vacation and had the best trip I have ever had. Accommodation was exactly what we wanted and I had the information I was looking for to build an itinerary that suited my entire group – having invested in the business it was great to experience the proposal first hand.

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