Ski Area says operational changes for pandemic will continue after pandemic

In a blog post on how next season will look at one of the world’s highest ski areas, Alan Henceroth, COO of Arapahoe Basin in Colo., Says that even when the pandemic is over , some of the changes will continue.

Two of the main changes that will remain are a lower limit on the number of people on the slopes and the need to purchase tickets in advance online, there will be no reversion to physical tickets.

“We have had a few tumultuous and tumultuous years at Arapahoe Basin. From major expansions to the passage of partner changes on July 4 skiing to the pandemic, we haven’t slowed down for a second. It has been challenging, fun, challenging, crazy and bizarre all at the same time. Throughout it all, we’ve been focused on making the A-Basin experience the best it can be, ”said Henceroth.

“As the 2021-2022 season approaches, we are taking more important steps to preserve the culture and the atmosphere. COVID forced us to learn in a matter of months what would have probably taken us five years to learn otherwise. Next season, we will continue to restrict our visits to pass and tickets. While reservations are not required for our Season Pass holders, we will be limiting the number of passes we sell. In fact, we will be selling 10% fewer unrestricted passes next season than this season. In addition, we will continue to limit the number of lift tickets sold each day and all tickets must be purchased online and in advance. No lift tickets will be sold on site. We plan to sell lift tickets on a regular basis for the weekend, ”continues Henceroth.

The idea, he says, is that even without virus fears, a critical factor for a successful ski day is to keep the crowd down and disperse the skiers and runners alike.

“For decades, a key strategy for us has been to keep adding more and more skiers. This is no longer the case. We are actively working to reduce the number of skiers on weekends and holidays. We’ve learned so much since COVID forced us to hit a daily skier count. Next season we will continue a similar strategy. Our goal will be to have a “comfortable” level of skiers every day. Our ticket inventories and prices will directly reward midweek skiing versus weekend skiing. By knowing how many people to expect each day, we can do a better job of running the place. We will measure success by reducing parking problems, keeping lift lines and other service lines short, and watching the smiling faces of skiers, ”adds Henceroth.

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