Valentin Delluc flies over empty buildings and frozen chairlifts in Avoriaz for a new Red Bull video

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever ridden a chairlift through Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil ski area and gazed at the sloping roofs covered in perfect, unspoiled powder … this. ‘

And that’s exactly what Red Bull speed rider Valentin Delluc managed to achieve during the quiet, closed hours in the empty ski resort in France. This incredible feat was only made possible thanks to the closure of the chairlifts and very few bodies on the ground.

Valentin Delluc speedrides between buildings in Avoriaz, France on March 20, 2021 // Oliver Godbold / Red Bull Content Pool

There were plenty of other technical challenges for the freeride legend as well – the weather conditions had to be near perfect with no updrafts of wind disturbing him.

The team also needed long agreements and permissions from the owners of buildings and infrastructure in Avoriaz for Delluc to touch his skis on the rooftops, as well as the construction of kickers and ramps through the village.

But the result is fantastic! The dreamlike quality of the waterfall ignites our childhood fantasies of climbing tall buildings and performing gravity-defying jumps and turns. The opportunity to capture content like this won’t be there forever as the end of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be in sight, and now empty stations like Avoriaz will soon be back in business.

Valentin Delluc speedrides on the roof in Avoriaz, France on March 23, 2021 // Oliver Godbold / Red Bull Content Pool

Featured Image © Valentin Delluc / Red Bull Content Pool

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