Sarah Lewis wants to become the first female chair of the Ski World board of directors

Sarah lewis, ousted from the post of secretary general of the International Ski Federation (FIS) last October, announced her candidacy to become the new president of the organization.

A vote on who will become the first new FIS President this century, and more than two decades from now, is due to take place later this spring.

Lewis is a former British alpine skier who competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics and received the Woman in Gold award in 2006 and an OBE in 2018 for her work.

She had been FIS General Secretary for 20 years when she was unexpectedly dismissed without explanation last fall.

Lewis issued a statement announcing his candidacy,

“We are entering a new era for FIS and world sport – an era that forces FIS to assume its role in a changed, more inclusive and demanding society, and an era that FIS must embrace for growth, a healthy future for our sport, with our athletes at the center, ”said Lewis, adding:“ We have had a unique opportunity – to elect a 21st century president, whose main goal is to work hand in hand with national associations and stakeholders, leading FIS on a strategic transformation to become a global movement for skiing and snowboarding around the world. “

The current president of the FIS, Gian-Franco Kasper, 77, has held the post since 1998, having himself been the organization’s general secretary for the previous 23 years.

In February 2019, Kasper said in an interview that he preferred to work with dictatorships to organize big events because they were more able to get things done than democracies and cast doubt on climate change, leading the global defense group Protect Our Winters to demand his immediate resignation. Kasper later apologized and said his comments were meant to be humorous.

There are currently three other candidates for the post of President, two of them Swedish.

Swedish billionaire Johan Eliasch, president and CEO of sportswear company Head, has been appointed FIS President by GB Snowsport.

The Swedish Ski Association has appointed Mats Årjes, the current Vice President and Treasurer of FIS and Acting President of FIS Marketing AG as well as the former Managing Director of SkiStar, which manages several leading Scandinavian ski areas.

The president of the Swiss Ski Association, Urs Lehmann, has also been appointed president of the FIS.

Kasper was due to retire last year, but the vote on his replacement has been delayed for a year, with the vote currently scheduled to take place at an annual FIS online convention on June 4.e.

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