Ski travel industry expects second wave of bookings when government clarity arrives

Ski vacation companies expect a second increase in bookings once the government issues clear advice on resuming international travel.

Many reported an increase in bookings earlier in the spring when the government started talking about a resumption of international travel, but that would have diminished due to increased uncertainty over when travel could resume and the restrictions that will be in place when he does, grew up.

“Immediate demand peaked about a week ago, but was held back by a UK government lacking coherent policy and advice; they are totally disconnected from industry and its complex mechanisms. The demand is still there and when the next government announcement on the road to normalcy is released, the fire will undoubtedly reignite. We are expecting an exceptional season in 2021/22, ”said Nick Edwards, general manager of the specialist ski travel agency, SnowFinders.

The image of ski travel companies remains one of huge pent-up demand, with some skiers now missing two successive ski seasons. Many of them have carried over bookings from those missed seasons, impacting availability for next winter 21-22. Others plan several trips to make up for the missed seasons.

“We are seeing very good demand for ski vacations. While many have been rolled over from this year, there have been clients who have missed out for two years and so they will be skiing in the 2021/22 season for the first time in three years. Some of our clients have already booked two and three vacations for next season. It means book now or miss – that’s a very simple message, ”Nick added.

The UK government has said people ‘can start thinking again’ about overseas travel and there is talk of a tiered system with destinations placed in green, orange and red bands this summer depending on the risk of travel. virus. However, there is currently a threat of high costs for virus testing required by private companies, excluding travel for those who are not wealthy enough to meet the additional cost.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the BBC: “This is the first time that I can come and say that I do not advise against booking holidays abroad.”

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