14 awesome new outdoor products to start summer with

This pandemic year has highlighted the importance of the outdoors. As one of the only spaces to come together responsibly, they have been essential for recreation, fitness, dining, and the general escape from our own homes.

On a related note, congratulations to the government on the recent unveiling a map conserve 30 percent of the country’s land and waters by 2030, much of which will become parks as well as new hunting and fishing grounds.

It’s easy to get excited about this kind of news, especially with summer on the horizon – but also when there are all kinds of new outdoor gear to enjoy all of those great outdoors.

Snow Peak Alpha Breeze

Snow peak

The Japanese outdoor brand turned to the Adirondack and A-frame cabins to inform the design of its new tent. The somewhat domed shape of the Alpha Breeze is familiar; What’s new is the inclusion of various entry points and a fly that transforms into an awning for a covered porch lair.

Price: $ 500


Nocs zoom tube

zoom tube nocs

Nocs provisions

You might not think of binoculars as fresh until you see the ones that Nocs Provisions does. His latest is a monocular called the Zoom Tube that magnifies what you are looking at by a power of eight. It’s compact enough to fit in a backpacking bag and is both sturdy and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Price: $ 75


CEP outdoor collection

cep outdoor collection


Professional athletes routinely rely on compression to stimulate muscle recovery during and after activity, so why should hikers not? This is what CEP thinks, as evidenced by its new outdoor collection. The new compression socks come in different heights, and the construction includes a small dose of that old reserve merino wool.

Price: $ 25 and more


Wandrd PRVKE Lite

wandrd prvke lite


Wandrd recently updated their flagship camera backpack, the PRVKE, and in doing so, they released a streamlined version for photo missions that don’t require so much. That said, the PRVKE Lite still has room for a camera, three lenses, a laptop, a tripod, and other photography essentials. There are plenty of organization pockets, and the bag is also padded and weatherproof.

Price: $ 219


Silky Pocketboy Outback Edition

silky pocketboy outback edition


Silky updated their handy-sized Pocketboy hand saw with a new handle made from extra-stick shaft composite. With a 6.69-inch blade and a weight of just over half a pound, this is the perfect tool for any camping or hunting trip that requires a saw (and will beat a tiny multi-variant). tools every day).

Price: $ 45


Hillsound Pack

Hillsound packstack


Confused by backpack packing techniques? Hillsound has a solution in its new PackStack organizers. They look like packing cubes but have a shape with curved sides to fit into a hiking backpack, making it easy to organize your trips with multi-day bags.

Price: $ 17 and more


Tubolito Tubo MTB PSENS

tubolito tubo mtb psens


What does a computer chip do in a mountain bike tube? Measure the tire’s PSI, transmit that information directly to your smartphone, and take the guesswork out of pumping for a ride.

Price: $ 50


Ghost of the osprey

osprey ghost


Osprey follows the recent update of his crowd-favorite Talon backpacks with an all-white version called Ghost. The bag is made from high tenacity recycled nylon and has features for trail or sidewalk journeys, including expandable side pockets for water bottles, a bike helmet attachment and the new rugged and breathable Airscape back panel of Osprey.

Price: $ 190


Altra LP Alpine

altra lp alpine


Altra’s Lone Peak is a favorite among trail runners, but now the less hardcore among us can get a feel for it with this new everyday take on the shoe. The LP Alpine has a grippy hiking tread, responsive foam midsole, and the brand’s Balanced Cushioning platform that positions your heel and forefoot on the same plane for a more natural gait.

Price: 140 $


Ruffwear floating coat

Ruffwear floating coat


This new PFD from Ruffwear features a sturdy top handle so you can bring Fido back on your paddleboard / raft / kayak / etc. in all dog overboard scenarios.

Price: $ 90


James Niehues American Landscape Project

James Niehues American Landscape Project

James niehues

The artist famous for painting trail maps for ski resorts around the world has a new mission to illustrate American national parks in the mind of Ansel Adams, and it’s just as captivating.

Price: $ 65 and over


USWE Hajker Hiking Packs

uswe hajker hiking bags


The hallmark of these hiking bags is a four point harness system which the USWE calls NDM. It means “No Dancing Monkey” – no kidding – and refers to the feel of an ill-fitting backpack bouncing behind you. The technology uses elastic straps and a central clasp to keep the new bags tight, which, in turn, allows you to move more smoothly over rough terrain.

Price: $ 180 and over


Rip Van Wafel birthday cake

rip van wafel birthday cake

Rip Van

Try any of these and you’ll never come back to this cardboard granola bar for a snack on the trail. Each has only three grams of sugar, but somehow they really taste like a cake.

Price: $ 36 (pack of 24)


Spartan by Craft Nordic Speed ​​Trail Shoe

spartan by craft nordic speed trail shoe


As Spartan moved from OCR to trail running races, it makes sense for the brand to partner with Craft on a companion shoe. This aggressive pair, featuring a grippy, carbon-infused outsole, a reinforced and supple foam midsole and a flexible and durable upper, is just what you need.

Price: $ 150


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