Best wedding destinations in France

France is a land of impressive castles, glorious farms, stunning white sand beaches, and huge olive and lavender farms. Some resorts also offer skiing to their customers. Hence, it is suitable for people with any kind of interest. In addition, its employees also provide high level hospitality. All of this makes France one of the most selected wedding destinations in the world. Moreover, you can also organize your honeymoon right here (being one of the most romantic places in the world). Now let’s take a look at the best wedding destinations in the country.

  1. Wedding in a castle
    If you are someone who has a fairly good number of guests and therefore is concerned about the venue, the ‘chateau’ is the best option for you. France is home to magnificent castles, which are not only intended for tourism, but also for lavish weddings. The castles are huge with an amazing environment and cover a large part of French culture and history. Chateau Bouffemont, Chateau de Saint-Martory, Chateau Challain, Domaine d’Essendieras, Chateau de la Couronne are some of the most amazing chateaux in the country where you can easily plan your wedding ceremony.
  2. A wedding on the farm
    When we think of farm life, all that comes to mind are organic cotton, weathered wood, and vintage pieces. Then yes! A “ farm wedding ” gives a vintage vibe! All this combined with decorations of flowers, red wine, garden and cakes do not fail to give a warm and sophisticated atmosphere to the ceremony. So, those who want it simple and elegant yet beautiful are welcome for farmhouse weddings. Cowboy looks can be adapted to give a more dramatic look! All in all a lovely and refreshing experience.
  3. A romantic wedding on the beach
    There is much more to France than the magnificent castles, hotels and farms where you can get married. The whole country is filled with romance, where the beaches are the most romantic and France is the country of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Beach wedding is almost everyone’s dream, especially if it’s in France. To say “I do” when the alluring waves of the sea hit the rocks and the white sand gives a perfect contrast to the setting sun is a heavenly feeling. Adorable surroundings, unique architecture and magnificent views keep everyone amazed.
  4. Wedding in a vineyard
    Who would have thought of getting married in a vineyard? Strange but yes, this is only possible in France. Just imagine taking the wedding vows with the vines and the beautiful sunset in the background! Exciting, isn’t it? This natural place with greenery all around is a simple yet elegant place for a serene wedding. No or less flowers are needed for decoration, as the place itself is well decorated with natural beauty. The orange sunset wedding ceremony followed by dinner in the vineyards would be cherished and remembered for life.
  5. Wedding in a lavender / olive tree field
    The flowering of lavender in Provence is generally from late June to early August. So, wedding affairs during this time happen to be the best amidst the prosperity of magnificent lavender. So if you are looking for a romantic and intimate getaway for your wedding, lavender fields are the best choice. The couple as well as the guests would fall in love with these places, because of the color, the scent and the breathtaking landscapes. Flowers, champagne and sunset are the best combination for the ceremony.

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