Glacier world record attempt for distance swimming in icy freshwater

Austrian extreme athlete Josef Koeberl has announced his intention to try to set a new freshwater swimming distance world record.

Exceptionally, it will swim in water, with a temperature between -0.3 and -1 Celcius which is at 3,216 meters above sea level in the glacial ice under the snow of the Hintertux ski area. .

Koeberl plans to swim a total of over 1,609.3 meters (one mile) to set the new record.

It will make over 32 laps of the 50-meter-long frozen water stream located 30 meters below the ice surface in the Nature Ice Palace, a series of connected ice caves that are a tourist attraction in the area.

Hintertux, is located in the Tyrol region and is one of the three alpine ski areas currently open for skiing and snowboarding in Austria (and one of only two in the world, the other is Zermatt) that is trying to ‘open for skiing every day of the year, weather permitting.

The Ice Palace is open to tourists who can choose to ride the Ice Water Canal on a boat or on a large Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) as part of the tour if they wish. However, ice swimming is now offered as an option to all over 14 years old for an additional 10 euros on the entry price and provided that they can provide a health certificate to show that they are up to date. height. Ice kayaking is another possibility …

Update after the attempt: success!

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