How to find a job in a ski resort next winter: the latest tips and advice

Having a ski season is an incredible experience, whatever your age or your background. Not only the prerogative of the expected 19-year-old blondes from the trust fund immortalized in the movie Chalet Girl, there are as many different seasons as there are people. It all depends on the job, the company and the station you choose.

Despite the pandemic and lingering uncertainty about future travel, many operators are on track with their recruitment for next winter – now is the time to apply.

Unlike previous winters, when last minute opportunities might have opened up this year due to new employment laws for Brits in the EU and the lengthy application process, there is less chance of ‘get a job as the mercury starts to drop – as always this is the key time when tour operators are hiring for next season.

Here’s everything you need to know about the impact the coronavirus and Brexit have had on ski jobs for the coming winter, along with an overview of the positions you can apply for, which resort will work for. you, what to expect from the recruiting process, and how to pass the interview and land the perfect job.

Will the British be able to work in ski resorts next winter?

“Although Brexit remains a challenge for us at the moment, we still hope that new opportunities will open up for UK workers to experience life abroad and gain valuable new skills. The joy of living and working in the mountains or in Lapland is always one of the best experiences you can have – if we can include you in it, we will, ”insists HotelPlan, one of the leading tour operators. skiing in the UK – and the industry is in full agreement. If Brits are allowed to travel overseas to ski next season, operators will do everything possible to ensure they are staffed to serve them and ski with them.

What impact has the coronavirus had on seasonal jobs in the future?

Last winter, Covid-19 shut down almost the entire ski industry – resorts were closed and UK operators were unable to organize trips throughout the season. British seasonal workers, who found themselves stranded in closed seaside resorts, found themselves without guests to occupy.

However, as restrictions ease and overseas travel begins again, ski operators are not holding back and are already recruiting for the coming winter, while hopefully the pandemic will have little impact. impact on jobs in the mountains.

HotelPlan, which owns Inghams, Esprit Ski, Ski Total and FlexiSki, began its recruitment campaign in mid-April. “This is earlier than normal because we knew there would be a lot of competition to attract the number of eligible and qualified staff we need to run our programs,” said a spokesperson.

The main impact of the pandemic has been on the application process – social distancing and travel restrictions have forced much to be done online. “With restrictions on face-to-face meetings, we have taken a much more digital approach with online assessments and virtual meetings. This has been very well received by applicants,” a spokesperson for the Telegraph told The Telegraph. Tui, which operates Crystal Ski Holidays.

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