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He said: “From March to the end of October, you can do a lot of things in vehicles. But again, why not take a winter break?

The UK is home to hundreds of thousands of motorhomes, and ‘it’s growing by around seven percent a year’.

Ed said: “The UK is the second largest market for caravans, motorhomes and motorhomes. Half a million people have towed caravans and around 300,000 people have motorhomes that they drive.

“Most of these people will plan to use their vehicles all year round.”

Camping and caravanning in the low season are above all experiences.

Ed said: “If you want to go and taste whiskey in Scotland I would always say you do your trip right about it, make your vacation around it.

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“If you like art, heritage, the castle or cheese, take the road trip about it.”

The most important part of planning a caravan or camping vacation is to have “a destination and an activity,” Ed said.

“I still think that’s what you’re going to do in the vehicle?” “

This crucial part of vacation planning applies to both summer and fall / winter travel.

The low season is a great time to go on a trip, with reduced prices.

Ed said, “We work in peak and off-peak times. July and August are super expensive, June, April, September, cheaper.


“But obviously the best time to travel will be May, January, February, March, then October, November, December.

“You are not far from paying half the price.

“So if you wanted to go for a weekend to try it out, your best time to go would be in the low season, and just go camping in March or May, when it can still get really hot.”

And even if the weather isn’t cooperating, a caravan vacation isn’t out of place.

Ed explained, “We have vehicles with stoves, like you have barges with stoves. You can create this winter experience, as long as you have the right clothes, anything is possible.

With off-peak caravan rentals being cheaper and with more availability to choose the vehicle that suits your needs, the key, according to Ed, was to “try something new”.

Ed said, “It makes the vacation a lot more interesting. If you are not focused on the activity, go on an art trip, do some painting.

“There is so much to do in the UK. People click on activities and things to do.

Even though summer is coming to an end, caravan holidays remain an option.

And beyond camping and caravanning, there is a range of fantastic activities to be enjoyed across the country.

Ed reminded the Brits: “Walking in the fall and winter is wonderful.

“Obviously skiing is a bit restricted here, but I know lots of people who take their motorhomes to France to ski and stay in a motorhome or motorhome. “

The purpose of a vacation, caravan or otherwise, is “the experience of going somewhere and doing new things”.

Whether in high or low season, spontaneity should be encouraged.

If the British follow Ed’s advice, many can start planning a caravanning adventure in the fall or winter.

Not only will they discover something new, but they’ll also save money in the process.

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