Ski travel company sees business at its highest level in 20 years

UK ski holiday sales appear to be on a rollercoaster right now, with some companies recording record sales, others claiming they are suffering from a lack of stock to sell.

It’s a complicated picture with now several years of pandemic and the impact of Brexit, two important factors.

First, there are a lot of “carry over” vacation bookings, which means most ski vacation companies have more bookings and fewer vacations to sell for next winter than usual.

But then the impact of the virus led many tour operators to scale back their operations, so there are fewer vacations to sell anyway.

Brexit means that it is very difficult for holiday companies to find staff for the chalets (in most cases they must hold an EU passport) and therefore the number of chalet vacations available has dramatically increased as well. decreased for the coming winter.

But there is also a strong pent-up demand for new bookings from skiers who have missed a vacation or two and are looking for that elusive vacation, with some wanting two or three weeks to make up for the missed weeks of previous seasons.

Until now, it has been difficult to determine how many of those large numbers of bookings were postponed bookings and how many new sales in the summer of 2021, but at least one company reports that its sales are booming right now.

“We’ve seen some of our busiest weeks in our 20 years in business over the past month or so – showing that skiers are exploring options beyond tour operators (where we’ve heard that the options are from increasingly limited) and proactively seek broader options. market expertise and tailor-made agent support, ”said Rupert Longsdon, CEO of The Oxford Ski Company.

Mr Longsdon’s statement is echoed by several tour operators who did not want their names or sales figures released for fear of starting a price war, but said business had grown significantly.

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