Why you should think about booking a ski holiday for 2021 now

Will I be able to ski at Christmas or New Years?

Yes, there is always availability for both periods, but you’d better strap on your skates if you want a decent choice of accommodation and resort. The resorts are hoping they will be open for Christmas, but there is obviously a chance that Covid could cause problems – as was the case last year when several resorts opened in October or November, to be again closed by their governments before the Christmas holidays. Longer term, the February semester dates are also quite busy.

Has the cost of a ski trip increased?

Yes. Most operators and agents report that prices have increased by about 10% on average compared to those before the pandemic. One of the reasons given was that operators and suppliers have to compensate for losses incurred due to the large number of refunds that had to be issued – and for the lost season. Brexit has also had an impact: it is now more difficult to employ young Britons abroad. As tour operators must adhere to employment laws and minimum wage rates if they employ locals instead, staff costs have increased.

Can I take out travel insurance that includes Covid coverage?

Yes, but you need to choose your policy carefully. Covid coverage is now almost essential, so look for policies that cover things like emergency medical treatment while you are abroad, cancellation following a positive test, instruction to self-isolating or because the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against traveling to a particular country.

The likes of HSBC Select and Cover (0345 051 1351; hsbc.co.uk) and Barclays Travel Pack (0345 734 53450; barclays.co.uk) – both of which require you to have an account with them – include coverage if FCDO notice changes after booking.

Other policies with extended Covid coverage include Postcard Legend (0333 999 2681; carte postetravelinsurance.co.uk) and AXA Gold (0330 024 1307; axa.co.uk).

Some providers allow you to purchase an add-on, where you still get coverage if you travel against FCDO advice, such as Staysure (0808 281 8443; staysure.co.uk) and Battleface (020 8089 5338; battleface. com).

Whichever policy you choose, read the fine print carefully and make sure it provides coverage for winter sports (usually an optional extra) and covers all of your skiing needs, such as mountain rescue. if you are injured and off-road cover if necessary. MPI brokers (01428 664265; mpibrokers.com) are specialists in this area and are currently negotiating a new policy for next winter, with excellent ski and Covid coverage.

Which station should I go to?

If you want to minimize contact with other skiers because of the risks of Covid, go in low season in January, late March or early April in order to avoid half-sessions and the Easter holidays, the latter being late this season. Pick a resort that is usually very quiet during the week, such as Megeve in France or Champoluc in Italy – that way you will have a good chance of having ski lifts and slopes for you, while the masses make their way to their homes. proven stations. favorites tested. Specialized operators operate in these lesser-known resorts, such as Stanford Skiing (01603 477471; stanfordskiing.co.uk) in Megève, which offers stays in chalets, lodges and hotels. Inghams, meanwhile, added Champoluc’s eco-friendly five-star CampZero – which has a swimming pool, spa, two climbing walls (one on ice) and two restaurants – to its books.

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