Ron DeSantis’ political calculation is ready for the 2024 candidacy

Democratic House Co-Leader Evan jenne gives Gov. Ron DeSantis props to make the right choices as he fights for re-election – and the White House.

“The governor’s political calculation was pretty accurate,” Jenne told reporters Monday.

The first-term Republican governor, who faces re-election next year, has been a rising GOP star and a possible frontrunner in the presidential-preference Republican primary. However, DeSantis has resolutely denied he was considering the presidency.

So far, DeSantis has done a good job of keeping its base together for 2022 and 2024, said Jenne, who is currently serving his seventh term in the House. DeSantis has also done a magnificent job in picking out issues to generate working class support, Jenne added.

“He’s running for president right now,” Jenne said. “I don’t know why people are ashamed of this fact and why people who see themselves as a potential presidential candidate see it as a bad fact.”

DeSantis has traveled to Utah, New Jersey, Texas and more in recent months. On Friday he will be in San Francisco for another fundraiser.

“When you’re governor of Florida, few of your constituents are in Salt Lake City,” Jenne said. “It’s one thing if you go skiing or want to hike Arches. This is one of the reasons. I’m all for it. I encourage everyone to come out and do it. It’s good for your soul. But that’s not why he flew to Utah.

DeSantis was also not afraid to interfere in the national narrative and frequently punches the Democratic president Joe biden. The White House and sometimes Biden himself, enjoyed verbal sparring with the governor.

Although DeSantis scored higher favors in Florida than Biden, the president would win a hypothetical one-on-one clash, according to a recent survey.

DeSantis last line of attack against Biden has been on inflation and supply chain issues. In a recent fundraising pitch, he called on the president ‘the grinch who stole christmas‘on long shipping times that could accumulate this holiday season.

The governor has always opposed closures and strict measures combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Appointment of Dr. Joseph ladapo as Surgeon General earlier this month was a recent move in that direction.

Ladapo, who opposes mask and vaccine warrants, has already twice engaged in Twitter beefs with agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried, candidate for governor and only Democrat in the Florida cabinet, since the creation of his Twitter account earlier this month.

“I have real questions about what we’re doing as a state right now,” Jenne said. “Obviously it doesn’t showcase our strengths, it doesn’t work together to try to find solutions that work for 22 million people who come from very different communities and have very different backgrounds.”

The Democratic field defying DeSantis’ re-election widened on Monday when Miami-Dade Sen. Annette Taddeo entered the race. But Taddeo, Fried or US Rep. Charlie crist The termination of DeSantis’ political career is not the governor’s greatest political threat, according to Jenne.

“His biggest obstacle to being the Republican candidate at this point is Donald trump himself if he decides to show up, ”Jenne said.

With DeSantis atop the 2022 ticket, and because the White House party typically sees a mid-term backlash, Florida Democrats face an uphill battle in 2022. The Democrats’ lead in voter registration disappeared to less than 24,000 in August.

To win, Jenne says Democrats must do better by showing that DeSantis’ policies are not helping the working class.

“Much of what’s going on here is clearly aimed at wiping out the middle class, putting the burden on the lowest economy class we can find, while still giving billionaires free rein to cheat everyone as much as they can. they can, ”Jenne said.

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