Will Swiss restrictions linked to Covid-19 have an impact on ski resorts in France?

Switzerland has ordered all UK arrivals a 10-day quarantine due to the omicron variant. Many people arrive by plane at Geneva airport to access seaside resorts in France. NEW

The new rules will have implications for many French ski areas, as Geneva airport serves as a transport hub.

We reported the latest news from Switzerland this weekend:

Regulations on passengers in transit at Geneva airport have not been confirmed by Swiss authorities, although the UK government website says travelers from the UK must self-isolate “including s ‘they pass through Switzerland to another country “.

If so, it will have a significant impact on the coming season, depending on how long the rule stays in place.

Many of the resort’s itinerant staff as well as skiers and snowboarders who have booked trips early in the season could be affected.

Geneva airport. Image © PlanetSKI

At PlanetSKI, we seek clarification, but it is not always easy to obtain precise information.

On Sunday, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health said that no UK resident or citizen would be allowed to enter the country if they arrived from the UK.

See the last paragraph of his initial statement.

Federal Office of Public Health

Federal Office of Public Health

He then updated the information removing the ban on British nationals to travel to Switzerland.

Federal Office of Public Health

Federal Office of Public Health

Many news websites, including The Local – Switzerland, PlanetSKI and others, have duly reported this in good faith.

Official websites of national governments are generally considered a source of accurate information.

Regarding the use of Geneva airport to access the resort in France, we will urgently check and update.

The only thing clear at the moment is that a lot is unclear.

Stay tuned….

Image © PlanetSKI

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