Mild temperatures are not good for ski resorts


Blue Mountain Ski Resort closes for a few days from Saturday due to favorable conditions.

CARBON COUNTY, PA – It might only be a thin layer of snow, but it was a lot for skiers and snowboarders here at Blue Mountain Ski Resort near Palmerton.

“Oh, I’m just having fun today. The weather is great and they were open so we might as well go out and have fun,” said Hector Morales of New Jersey.

The fun of the snow at the resort will not last long.

The station will close on Saturday morning and reopen on Tuesday due to inclement weather conditions.

While skiers and snowboarders are excited to be here right now, they are hoping for colder weather and more snow.

“I’m ready for it to get cold. That’s what I want,” said Christian Housel of Bucks County.

“I’ve been snowboarding for a while, so it depends on what level you are at. I can understand that it’s smooth for some people, but I feel great,” said Sara Sykes Moore from New Jersey.

“Yeah, I think the weather is nice. It’s not too cold. Everything is going well. We are having fun,” said David Okechukwu of New Jersey.

Six of the 40 trails at Blue Mountain Ski Resort are open. The station says it will continue to blow snow to open more trails as soon as colder temperatures start to return.

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