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While much of Vermont dodged the largest snowfall totals that parts of southern New England saw from the system on Friday, Green Mountain State jumped into the action – and knows how to get the most out of it.

At Bolton Valley Resort, the few inches of snow that fell on Friday made skiers and snowboarders happy for the weekend.

“I’m ready for more to come,” said rider Isabella Arnaboldi.

Storms like this, where the southern parts of the region receive more snow than the north, aren’t necessarily huge disappointments for Vermont’s ski and horseback riding industry. Resorts often say these types of storms have value, as they always tend to sow seeds in the minds of Boston area consumers, causing them to think about heading to the mountains.

“We were all hoping a nor’easter would drop a foot and a half off us this weekend,” said Scott Pelligrini of Bolton Valley Resort. “Here we go. But honestly, last winter every other day – 2-4 inches, 2-4 inches, 2-4 inches – and we had a really amazing winter.”

At Ski & Snowboard Express in Richmond, the gear-tuning team had just taken a break from the holiday rush when the last snowflakes started flying, which likely sparked a new wave of business.

“Those who have waited for those last few inches to come out, this will probably get them going again,” speculated ski and snowboard trainer Teddy Waite.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games in the snow in Vermont.

Vermont State Police shared an eye-catching photo on social media this week claiming a driver lost control on I-91 in Hartford when a chunk of ice flew from a car in front of her and crashed into her vehicle – hard. She suffered minor injuries, NECN affiliate NBC 5 News reported.

To avoid worse results, the soldiers begged people to clean their vehicles after the snow fell and not to follow other drivers too closely.

“It means staying tuned to the NECN weather forecast knowing that a few inches of snow is going to fall, that there is weather ahead, I have to build a few extra minutes into my day,” advised Sgt. Jay Riggen of the Vermont State Police. “So I’m thinking of – not the inconvenience of clearing vehicles, but who can I save my life by taking a minute or two more before I start my journey?” “

As tempting as the fresh snow is, because COVID-19 is on the rise in the Northeast, the Ski Vermont trade group wants skiers and runners to just stay home if they are sick or have problems. close contact of anyone who tested positive.

Click here for more information on planning trips to Vermont ski resorts during the pandemic.

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