80s driver ends up with car on red ski slope in eastern France

A French driver in his 80s found himself in a snowier and steeper ride than expected this week when he managed to drive on a red ski slope.

Skiers at Le Markstein ski resort in Haut-Rhin, Grand Est were surprised to see the white break emerge on the piste around 4 p.m. on Monday January 24.

How the pilot managed to get to the track remains a mystery, but the pilot says he didn’t do it on purpose.

Ski resort manager Thomas Cron said: “In the winter the [summit road] The Route des Crêtes is closed to cars, and we also have a small wall of snow that separates the road from the slopes.

He added: “Luckily the snow wasn’t icy so the car didn’t slide too much and the driver pulled through. The gendarmerie was called on the spot, and they asked for a hospital control [for the driver] anyway.”

Le Markstein ski resort is crossed by the main road, the Departmental Road 430 (D430), also called Route des Crêtes. It is possible that the driver accidentally got off the main road and turned onto a red track instead.

The ski resort called in a snowplow to tow the car, which was undamaged despite its ski adventure.

Skiers on the slope quickly filmed the scene and it was shared on social media.

It is not the first time that a car has stopped at Markstein station.

Cron said, “This is the third time [since I’ve been director]. Sometimes on weekends, under the influence of alcohol, some people find it fun to try… and sometimes you find empty cars, but it’s usually on a green track…”

Le Markstein is a winter sports resort in the Vosges massif in the Haut-Rhin (Alsace), between 1020m and 1268m. It has four green, four blue, two red and two black runs.

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