Canada’s new rare ski adventure

And, of course, there’s the fact that we opted for this type of ski trip over the typical high-carbon ski vacation. A heliskiing day for a single person is slightly less than the carbon footprint of an economy class seat on a New York-Los Angeles flight; and armies of snowcats used to maintain ski resorts cross five gallons of diesel per hour – each. Given that on the remaining days of this trip, Hill would be ferrying skiers to other local mountains in the Bolt for full days of human-powered guided tours in the deep powder that the Revelstoke area is known for, as well that to facilitate local food components for breakfast, bagged lunches, afternoons and dinners, there was no doubt that we were reducing our carbon footprint by choosing this type of ski adventure.

As we finished in a powdery glade and began to remove the climbing skins from the skis in preparation for the descent, I asked Hill if he thought these sustainable adventures he offers would become more of a trend.

“You know this cartoon, of the two children sitting on their grandfather’s lap and asking him what he did in the war against climate change?” he replied in response. “I want to be able to tell my grandchildren what I did. And I hope others think so too, because we need you in this.”

As we skied through the forest, the cold powder smoke marking our path, it was easy to appreciate that slowing down and locating how we move might help protect this deep heart of winter.

If nothing else, it’s a conscious start.

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