Faroe Islands mark no time to die with James Bond headstone

James Bond gravestone

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In the words of Billie Eilish’s Bond theme: “Are you death or heaven?

It turns out that the island of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands is both as James Bond’s final resting place. The location served as the explosive setting for the last we would see Daniel Craig wear the coat in no time to die. Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film where in the end, of course, there was good a little time for Craig’s Bond pass away. Some would say he made time on his own terms – that and Craig was ended. Really, the shipment wasn’t too surprising, but managed to create a bittersweet end of the era given some of those revelations from the final act.

To commemorate the Craig era of Bond, the The Faroe Islands and the tourist board have erected a tombstone in honor of the film [via Indiewire]. I love that this is all a labor of love from the fans who live there. They took great care to have a magnificent tomb of Faroese basalt (it’s a nice powerful rock right there). It’s even in the same shape and design as Bond parents gravestone in celestial falland to top it off, they inscribed it with a quote that creator and author Ian Fleming used for an obituary for Bond when he was presumed dead in you only live twice: a quote from the author James London perfectly suited to the occasion, “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.”

In the end credits of the film, Jóhannus Kallsgarð, a local sheep farmer, who led the 60-person crew, is credited as “King of Kalsoy.” He’s now the tour guide for the official James Bond Faroe Islands tour and he’s truly a local hero who does a good story that we didn’t know we needed. It probably says it all if you were to go book said touras he leads the hike to the location of James Bond’s final resting place.

no time to die is now available to buy or rent on all home release platforms, if you don’t really fancy taking a trip to the Faroe Islands in person.

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