April in Les Arcs: Agenda & Weather

X Speed ​​Ski Tour
This is a free event for those who really like to push their limits. Based at the Bulle Café adjacent to the Arcabulle lift in Arc 2000, the X Speed ​​Tour travels the French Alps, commandeering the slopes and pointing speed-guns at people with a verifiable “need for speed”. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, monoskiing, handiskiing or other, you can try out the designated piste and benefit from the expert advice of Xavier Cousseau (monoski world record holder). If there is anyone who can help you increase your top speed in Les Arcs, it is probably a man who has exceeded 210 km/h in the same station. You can participate from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the days specified.

The Great British Party
In Les Arcs, they honor the long and happy relationship between France and Britain each year with a week-long celebration of British culture. At Arc 1950 they really understand British culture and there is a high tea party in the main square. You can expect cupcakes (standard) and an orchestral DJ set (less standard). Still, if there is tea, you can expect a strong British contingent. To end the week, there is a tasting (food tasting) of British and French produce in Arc 1800, with sled racing nearby from 4.30pm. Then, concert on the main square of Les Villards (from 6.30 p.m.).

Big Air Final Freeski
Held in the legendary Apocalypse snowpark above Arc 1600, and organized by the Les Arcs Freeski Academy, the Big Air Final is part of the French Championships and will bring together very talented (and courageous) athletes. Featuring senior and junior skiers and snowboarders performing unreasonable gravity-defying moves, this is an event not to be missed.

silver cup
Why not head to Arc 1600 and see the future superstars of slalom skiing through the gates at incredible speed? the Silver Cup (Silver Cup) sees the 32 best young Savoyard skiers compete for three days.

wellness village
April is not just about competitions, races and parties. The Feel Good Village at the top of the Col de la Chal can help you introduce some relaxation and mindfulness into your week. No matter what time you arrive at the Feel Good Village, you can enjoy a refreshing smoothie or (perhaps even more refreshing) massage. Why not treat yourself?

If anything sums up spring in Les Arcs, it’s the crazy Ski2Bike competition. It is basically a duathlon where the two sports are skiing and mountain biking. Open to 200 competitors (on prior registration), mass start at the top of the Pic de l’Arpette. Participants start with a very short sprint, after which they put on their skis before hurtling down the Arc 1600 to switch from boards to mountain bikes. They then follow an off-road course which descends another 800m to the finish line in Bourg St Maurice. There are categories for men, women and even a relay option (for those who prefer to share the descent without having to change modes of transport). It’s part crazy, part awesome, 100% Les Arcs.

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