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It’s a family story. Heather Black (right) and her grandson Harrison Black (left) went out for a super Sunday during the Gary Black, Jr. Memorial Race on Bald Mountain this weekend.

Nearly 160 Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation athletes, ages 6 to 14, donned their costumes on Sunday and took to the race track to remember Gary Black, Jr., one of Canada’s greatest advocates. than the sport of ski racing has ever seen, and to celebrate the close of the 2021/22 ski season.

“What I especially love about the Gary Black, Jr. Memorial is that at the end of the season, it’s like a breath of enthusiasm from Gary is injected back into the SVSEF,” said Heather Black, wife of the late Gary Black, Jr. “The kids, the costumes, the encouragement for each other was exactly what Gary would have loved. But, ultimately, it was about his passion to be with people who like to be on the snow. They were his people.

Each skier completed one run on each course in the double-panel format. The fastest time of each skier was used. All were ready to give their best and celebrate an incredible season and an exceptional man who has always believed in and encouraged young riders to embrace all the ways the mountain helps them grow as athletes and young people.

“My dad is in this ski resort, this town, this program, these coaches, staff and athletes,” said Lexi Black, youngest daughter of the late Gary Black, Jr. “He is at the heart of the greatest sport of skiing. My father was a man who believed in dreams, not calling them dreams. They were realities that had to be achieved through hard work and perseverance. My father had dreams for athletes, dreams for the United States Ski Team, dreams for the International Ski Federation and dreams for the sport. He had every intention of working to accomplish each of them. He left us with great wisdom: be dreamers and actors.”

Families came out to cheer on the athletes and enjoy the afternoon BBQ with the kids and coaches. Stories were shared and excitement for next year was already simmering in the chatter and laughter among friends and young teammates.

“There are few things my dad loved more than standing on the side of a running hill watching the athletes navigate the fall line,” said Amanda Black, eldest daughter of the late Gary Black, Jr. “As Sun Valley Ski Academy celebrates its 10th year, my father would have been proud of the hard work, growth and collaboration facilitated by Ben, Jonna, Scotty and many others in this community. I think he would have been particularly enthusiastic about Rotarun. He used to teach skiing on a hill much like Rotarun outside of Baltimore, Maryland. He understood the importance of access and spent his life to encourage athletes of all levels to get out there, twist and have fun.

For a full list of results and awards from the Gary Black, Jr. Memorial Race, IMD/North Series Awards, Mini World Cup Awards and Baldy Devo Awards, please view the online version of this story at www.mtexpress .com /sports. 

Gary Black, Jr. Race Results and Perpetual Trophies

At the end of the race, the perpetual trophies were given to the following athletes whose names will be engraved on the trophies displayed at the SVSEF.

Gretchen Fraser Award (Fast U10 Girl)—Savannah Pringle

Pete Patterson Award (Fast U10 Boy)—Alex Grant

Kathleen Harriman Mortimer (Fast U12 Girl)—Bianca Smith

Billy Klein Award (Fast U12 Boy)—Henry Questad

Bonnie Russell Trophy (fastest U14 girl)—Rubis Thurston

Smith Google Award (Fast U14 Boy)—Tucker Reimund

Roy Hobson Awards (fastest girl and boy of the day)—Ruby Thurston and Tucker Reimund

IMD/North Series/Mini World Cup morning race results, top 5 podium places:

1st – Savannah Pringle – 20.3

2nd – Payton Daley-Scheingraber – 22.18

3rd – Fraser Jennings – 22.29

4th (tie) – Brady Bloomfield – 22.41

4th (tie) – Ava Gilmour – 22.41

1st – Alex Grant – 20.58

2nd – James Holman – 21.02

3rd – Vann Sheue – 22.08

4th – L. Augustus Stafford – 22.13

5th – Brixen Ehleringer – 22.21

1st – Bianca Smith – 19.23

2nd – Jasmine Smiley – 19.4

3rd – Elle Deckard – 19.84

4th – Lucy Stevenson – 20.79

5th – Colette Duke – 20.89

1st – Henri Questad – 18.44

2nd – Wyatt Limbourg – 19.02

3rd – Henry Flynn – 19.54

4th – Cameron Beck – 19.64

5th – Charlie Pfau – 19.77

1st – Ruby Thurston – 18.16

2nd – Claire Buchwalter — 18.19

3rd – Hadley Walker – 18.29

4th – Anna Yuras – 18.6

5th – Leila McGrew – 18.85

1st – Tucker Reimund – 17.94

2nd – Sawyer Morgan – 18.44

3rd – Huxley Flood – 6:45 p.m.

4th – Reid Holman – 18.61

5th – Wyatt Gilmour – 18.92

Baldy Devo Afternoon Race Results, Top 5 Podiums:

1st – Alta Questad – 21.84

2nd – Smither tea – 25.14

3rd – Sophie Robins – 25.22

4th – Lilla Bloedorn – 25.56

5th – Amelia Beck – 26.27

1st – Logan Steel – 22.52

2nd – Keller Spachman – 23.07

3rd – Andy Freytag – 23.25

4th – Asa Sattler – 23.92

5th – Dunning Kochvar – 24.36

1st – Gigi Hill – 25.19

2nd – Katherine Morrison – 25.28

3rd – Lillee Haynes – 25.53

4th – Simone Spachman – 26.18

5th – Zula Van Der Meulen – 26.93

1st – Halsten Bruun – 21.43

2nd – Max Smith – 23.3

3rd – Jasper Pott – 24.46

4th – Bo Bemis – 24.82

5th – Nicklas Paaske – 25.18

North Series Year End Awards

Most Improved – Elle Deckard and Henry Flynn — Improvement from start to end of the season in their technique and results.

Coaches Awards — Lucy Stevenson and Kai Sammis – The athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, takes care of his teammates, comes to the ski team with a smile and has the desire to improve every day. –

Cheeso Mountain Kidd Award – Jasmine Smiley and Declan O’Toole – This award is given to an athlete who truly shows a love of skiing in all aspects, skis with family and friends beyond ski team sessions, and loves being there- low.

Mini World Cup Year-End Rewards

Returning Child Price – Elli Hill

She got injured at the start of the season and no one thought she could ski this year. But she was able to come back and impressed her coaches with her “go get them” attitude.

100% attendance – Bria Smiley was there for every day of training, racing, winter break camp, and spring break camp—she was even on nearly every dryland training day starting in October.

Most Improved – Halley McGrew and James Holman — These two skiers came to us as new racers with a long heritage at SVSEF. They both started off a little nervous, but their confidence grew and by the end of the season they were both on the podium.

Coaches Awards – Colin Smith and Makenna Steel — These two athletes always come out ready to compete with positive attitudes, are great teammates and like to have fun every day.

Outstanding Skiers – Savannah Pringle and Sam Robins — These two are not only incredible ski racers, judging by their results in the World Cup mini-events and Intermountain Divisional Championships, they are phenomenal skiers.

World Cup Race Mini-Series – a series intermuros of 4 races of one season: Slalom, Skills Quest, Giant Slalom and Kombi. Runners are awarded World Cup points based on their results.

General Individual Results / Girls:

1st Savannah Pringle with 195 points

2nd Jennings Fraser with 137 points

3rd Olivia Harrington with 114 points

4th Halley McGrew with 104 points

5th Fernanda Hurtado with 102 points

General Individual Results / Boys:

1st Sam Robins with 150 points

2nd Bear Matthews with 139 pts

3rd Brixen Ehleringer with 120 pts

4th Charlie Dulcich with 119 pts

5th Matt Thurman with 115 points

  • Riders are assigned a country to represent for the event of the season. Their world cup points count towards the overall team prize

Ranking MWC Nations Cup

1st — Team Italy: Savannah Pringle, Knox Coury, Brianna Smiley, Matt Thurman, Wesley Sewell, Ava Gilmour, Jack Kantor

2nd — French team: Sam Robins, Cody Lloyd, Makenna Steel, Piper Gerald, Stevie Crist, Vann Shue, Larkin Haye, Raleigh Johnson

3rd — Team Argentina: Jaxon McGrew, Vivienne Yuras, Jennings Fraser, Logan Snell, Ryan Schwartzbard, Arielle Reis, Fernanda Hurtado

Baldy Devo Year-End Award

Coaches Awards – Tea Smither, Vitoria Shane, Case Martins, Asa Sattler—These athletes have shown a tenacity to be coachable, they listen and apply what they learn, and they’re consistently great teammates.

Most Improved – Kendal Monjaras, Tallulah Gerald, Ryder Sanborn, Jack Rivetts

Cheeso Price – Sophie Robins, Andy Freytag – These athletes take on all conditions.

Howard Dean- Lilly Haynes, Max Smith — This award is given to the boy and girl who best express a love of skiing.

Better attendance – Jack Rivetts, Andy Freytag, Avery Allen

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