Mountain Lion seen walking past the ski resort webcam

^Credit: Indy Pass media kit/Sunlight Mountain Resort

Troy Hawks, Director of Marketing and Sales at Sunlight Mountain Resort, COjust shared a great photo taken by one of the resort’s webcams.

The image shows a mountain lion walking around the frame in early December. Hawks shared the image on his Twitter account (@Troy_Hawks).

He says he waited to share the photo because he didn’t want the mountain lion sighting to be sensational and deter guests from visiting Sunlight. I totally understand.

Note the timestamp in the lower right corner. This photo was taken on December 4, 2021.

I don’t think it’s a secret that mountain lions live near ski resorts in the American West, but I could definitely see uneducated people freaking out about a big cat sighting a few days before the station opening.

Hawks insists it’s extremely rare to be attacked by a mountain lion while skiing. It’s probably even rarer to be attacked when skiing with other people at a ski resort.

It just sucks that the internet is an environment that reacts first and asks questions later, but that’s how it goes I guess…

^Credit: Indy Pass media kit/Sunlight Mountain Resort

Kudos to Hawks and Sunlight for possibly sharing this photo. It made me take a few moments to think about the land on which ski resorts sit.

This is not our land. We are lucky to share it with the different animals that inhabit it.

Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort Statistics/Information:

Trail Map - Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort |  Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Vertical: 2,010′

Skiable acres: 730 acres.

Trails: 72

Elevators: 3

Pass: Indy Pass

Lift lines: Non-existent!

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