HR Manager in St. Louis, MO — Money Diary

Occupation: human resources manager
Industry: Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences
Age: 31
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
My salary: $160,000 base + 20% annual performance bonus + 20% of shares vesting every four years. I also currently have a one-time retention bonus with my company. I will receive an additional bonus of 35% if I stay with my company until November 2022.
My husband’s salary: Base $140,000 (He owns his own small business but we try to only take out a reasonable amount of salary. This allows him to invest more in growing the business.)
Net value : ~$900,000 (cash: $148,000, my 401(k): $204,000, my husband’s 401(k): $181,500, investment account: $12,000, 529: $31,000, value of house: $750,000, company stock: $65,000, HSA: $4,500 minus mortgage Also my husband owns about 90% of his small business which we think could sell for 15 and $20 million. It’s always a weird thing to try to keep track of, because we don’t have access to that money today. )
Debt: Mortgage: $492,000
Amount of my paycheck (bi-weekly): $3,400
Paycheck from my husband (bi-weekly): $3,500
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $3,328.15 (we pay an additional $300 per month for principal)
Gym: $35
Housemaid: $200
Child care: $1,104
Call: $27 (I venmo my mom)
The Internet: $60
Utilities: $205
Trash can: $53
Water: $101
Netflix: $19.99
YouTubeTV: $64.99
Youtube Music: $9.99
Google storage: $12
Car insurance: $142.92
Life insurance: $44.32
Donation to the Church: $350
529: $1,250
HSA: $313 fortnightly
Health insurance: $226.94 every two weeks
401(k): 7% of my salary after taxes
Annual expenses:
Amazon: $139
HOA: $675
Wine club: $1,800

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