How to plan a vacation trip? Here’s what you need to know before you travel

Going on vacation reflects positive feelings, boosts happiness, and contributes to overall health and well-being despite busy work schedules. There is always a pent-up demand for travel from avid travel travelers looking to explore beautiful destinations around the world.

From skiing in Gulmarg to cycling trips in South India, from scuba diving in the Andamans to adventure sports and wellness therapies, you can make the most of your holiday while keeping keep a few things in mind before booking a hotel.

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Above all, it is a must to carry copies of important documents such as your passport, IDs, Aadhaar, PAN, etc.


Before planning a trip, it is important to check the weather forecast and advisories for your preferred destination to prevent bad weather from ruining your stay.

For example, traveling to Mumbai during monsoon season will not be a good idea and craving delicious food in Delhi in summer will definitely ruin your travel plan. Hence, it is crucial to check weather warnings and updates from reputable sources like Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), before embarking on a trip.

For added safety, you may decide to pack a few essentials including an umbrella, raincoat, caps, hard-shell suitcase, all-weather shoes, waterproof bags, reusable tissues, etc.


To travel at your convenience and take advantage of the packages, the execution of any vacation plan is entirely dependent on your finances. It is recommended that you save a certain amount in your bank account before planning your trip to ensure that the expenses of the hotel or resort at your destination are within your budget.

However, what if you want to go somewhere, but don’t have enough money to fund the trip? To the rescue, there are plenty of travel aggregators like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo,, and Expedia that offer a “Travel Now, Pay Later” (TNPL) program to get your last-minute trips made. This financing option helps at the time of payment for booking flights or hotels which allows customers to book the vacation without paying immediately.

Online Travel Agency or NBFC partner banks provide digital credit as a deferred payment facility that assesses consumer creditworthiness using data science models. You can select the most suitable repayment term.

But is it worth considering? Is the “Travel Now, Pay Later” offer only suitable for travelers with deep pockets?

Some online travel agencies may offer zero interest rates for a full refund within an estimated time of taking credit. In fact, if customers are in default, a monthly interest penalty or a flat late payment charge may be imposed on each default.

However, aggregators may not allow digital credit on all travel expenses, but sometimes a few limit customers can get a travel loan. Don’t forget to check if the travel agency allows you a loan cancellation option if your trip is canceled or postponed and if you will be charged extra for cancellation.

How to choose the location?

There are different types of travelers, some prefer peace and some choose adventure, it all depends on the type of person you are. Scheduling some free time in your busy life is a tedious task when it comes to deciding the travel destination. Whether it’s a solo trip or a family outing, the choice of location involves several factors such as connectivity, security, landscape, cuisine, art and culture, expenses and accommodation, to name a few.

Don’t fall for the quaint images on your Instagram feed, the reality might be a little different. Instead, watch the authentic images and videos captured by those who have traveled to that specific location before.

Try to choose the best hotel in your desired location that suits your budget, expectations and other preferences and to avoid jet lag, make sure your hotel is not located too far from the sights you will be visiting. Before making the final reservations, you can also check the hotel’s website or call the hotel authorities to get a clear idea of ​​what the hotel is like and the types of facilities, services of room and the prices it offers.

Food and hygiene/amenities

Having access to good food at your vacation destinations is a “blessing in disguise.” You should try to find where you can eat and make sure you prioritize hygiene over quantity and drink responsibly. Who would choose to go home sick after a vacation? Not a good idea to upset your stomach to savor the holiday season. Amid the rush of online food orders, try dining at local restaurants if you want to explore the best of popular cuisines in your area.

Also, it’s a wise decision to reserve your table at least a month before your reservation if the restaurants allow it. Booking early can help you shop around a bit and check out the delicious menus ahead of time. If you have dietary concerns, you can contact the restaurant in advance to make arrangements.


Be careful and carefully review the top reviews of destinations, hotels, resorts, and food. Don’t be fooled by overrated YouTube vlogs, Instagram reels and other fabricated stories on the internet. From food to shopping, try to read as much of your travel location as possible. If you are planning a vacation in Goa, search for the most recommended beaches and resorts in the state at the best prices.

Choose to speak to people who have already visited these places and hotels to give you an authentic analysis of your long-awaited vacation destination.

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