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Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea is back for a second series on Channel 5 and this time in five parts for 2022, the travel-loving comedian reunites with famous friends such as Debbie McGee and Dame Arlene Phillips in some of Britain’s best seaside resorts. Over five episodes airing on consecutive nights on Channel 5, the comedian will visit Skegness, the Isle of Wight, Weymouth, Tenby and Scarborough and in each destination she will meet a different celebrity. She’ll meet Debbie McGee, Michaela Strachan, Strictly Ore Oduba star Anthea Turner and Arlene Phillips, who each have personal connections to the resorts they visit. And there will be plenty of fish and chips and ice cream along the way.

“I loved hanging out with all the celebrities,” Susan says. “I loved hearing their stories and feeling the nostalgia and warmth they have for places. Honestly, I had a ball. The enthusiasm you see from me is genuine. Beach towns are all very different but they all evoke that feeling of nostalgia. We used to go on vacation to an island off the coast of Scotland called Arran. We would get there and put up the windbreak and no matter how cold it was, we were going to that sea. I always remember mom saying, ‘you’re on vacation, you’re going to have a great time. Step into that sea. “And we were all going to step into that sea.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Susan’s seaside adventures in Series 2 of Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea on Channel 5…

First look!  There's a lot of fun and games in Series 2 of Susan Calman's Big Week by the Sea.

First look! There’s a lot of fun and games in Series 2 of Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea — Release Date

Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea series 2 begins on Channel 5 on Monday August 1 at 8 p.m. and runs on consecutive nights at the same time until Friday August 5, 2022. All five episodes will also be available on the My5 streaming service.

Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea Series 2 – Famous Guests

In Season 2 of Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea, Susan meets Debbie McGee in Skegness where Debbie and her late husband, magician and TV personality Paul Daniels, spent their first weekend together. She then bonds with spring watch presenter Michaela Strachan on the Isle of Wight, where they play mini golf. In Weymouth, Susan and Strictly star Ode Oduba rides a jet ski, then in Tenby she meets Anthea Turner. Finally, in Scarborough, she talks with judge Strictly and dance choreographer Arlene Phillips about her memories of the place.

Susan with another Strictly contestant, Ore Oduba.

Celebrity Encounters… Susan with fellow Strictly Ore Oduba competitor in Weymouth. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Susan Calman on Destinations and the Exclusive Episode Guide

We had the chance to do a recent interview with Susan Calman who gave us an exclusive episode guide for Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea series 2. Take a look below…

Episode 1: Skegness
Susan visits ‘Skegness Bracing’ where she puts her trusty windbreak to good use. She takes a “bucket list trip” to Butlins to meet the famous Red Coats and takes an escape room with Debbie McGee (see main image above). She stays at a traditional B&B and while Debbie frees a rehabilitated seal, Susan makes her own rum. “In Skegness I lost my £20 note. It was humiliating. I put it on the donut counter and it literally blew halfway across the beach and I had to run for it. I love how everyone stood and stared at me as I ran down the beach to collect my £20,” Susan recalled.

Episode 2: Isle of Wight
Susan then heads to the Isle of Wight, arriving by hovercraft before braving a chairlift. “I’m not good at heights, but it was worth it. The view was amazing. It was good enough for me as a personal challenge to overcome my fears,” says Susan. As a card-carrying member of the Spice Girls fan club, the comedian is thrilled to see the famous Spice Bus, used in the movie Spice World. She also flies a kite, visits a model village and plays mini golf with Michaela Strachan.

Episode 3: Weymouth
Susan visits the golden sands of Weymouth and takes the overland train. She travels to Sandworld to learn how to make the perfect sandcastle and helps feed the cygnets of a colony of mute swans. Afterwards, she and Strictly Ore Oduba star enjoy a jet ski ride. “It’s one of the sexiest things you’ll ever see. Me and Ore in wetsuits, jet skiing in Weymouth harbour,” laughs Susan. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, Susan meets three” mermaids” bathing in the ocean.

Susan catches up with Butlin's animation team in Skegness.

Susan catches up with Butlin’s animation team in Skegness. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Episode 4: Tenby
In Tenby, Susan meets Anthea Turner for a game of beach bocce. She also braves a freezing swim in the sea with a group of triathletes. While walking through the resort, she encounters a groom waiting to marry his fiancée and chats with a local artist. “Meeting this lovely groom on his wedding day was a beautiful thing. Sometimes the best things happen when you walk around a place, see what you find, and chat with people,” says Susan.

Episode 5: Scarborough
Susan visits Scarborough where she tries to dance a tango at a tea dance. “I failed miserably because Kevin Clifton didn’t tell me how to do it,” the former contestant told Strictly. She reunites with Dame Arlene Phillips and they take a miniature train ride together. Susan also heads to the incredible Scarborough Fair Collection, which is full of fairground rides and cars.

All aboard at Scarborough with Dame Arlene Phillips.

All aboard at Scarborough with Dame Arlene Phillips. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Is there a trailer for Season 2 of Susan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea?

It doesn’t look like Channel 5 will release a trailer for SUsan Calman’s Big Week by the Sea season 2. Keep an eye on this page and if one drops, we’ll post it here.

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