Spotify ‘Listen & Book’: Use your favorite music to find your next vacation

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The right song will enhance how you feel anytime, especially when traveling.

Today, Spotify and EasyJet have created Listen & Book to “help those who have the urge to travel but feel a little lost” find their next dream vacation destination.

The tool builds on the company’s “nextGen EasyJet” mission and is a new layer of the ambition to inspire people to travel.

Listen & Book helps you find suggestions for your next vacation in Europe, specifically based on the music you won’t get tired of.

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Are your playlists full of quiet, dreamy tunes? So maybe seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland or strolling through the Botanical Gardens in Lisbon is what you need. Or if your musical tastes tend to be wild and rebellious, perhaps volcanic skiing in Sicily or dancing the night away in Barcelona will inspire you.


This tool is there to show us how influential our musical tastes can be when travelling. Plus, it could show us our own holiday preferences, and even help us discover a completely personalized experience!

An additional feature will show users nearby concert venues in suggested destinations so they can be aware of local concerts.

To listen and book your next vacation experience, simply connect your Spotify account through the Listen & Book microsite. Then, based on your recent games, the site will identify potential vacation destinations for you.

This creative collaboration shows what is possible with audio streaming. Listeners engage with Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and our focus on personalization enables brands to cultivate meaningful interactive connections with their audiences. Listen and Book is a great example of how brands can tap into a consumer’s mindset and engage with them in innovative and helpful ways that drive real results.

Richard Frankel, Global Creative Director at Spotify

You can start using Listen & Book now by following the link and connecting your Spotify account.

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