What the Crown got wrong about King Charles III

In Season 2 of “The Crown,” we are introduced to Prince Charles as a young boy. He is portrayed as a shy, quiet boy whose shyness is met by his parents’ toughness. At one point, his father, Prince Philip, even takes the frightened boy on a plane, lectures him, and ends up yelling, “Stop being so weak!”

In reality, it is unlikely that Charles’ parents were so cruel. According to royal historian Carolyn Harris, it is much more likely that he did not know his parents at all. “The Queen and Prince Philip were busy parents, especially when Charles and [his sister] Anne were young children,” Harris told Parade. “Charles developed strong bonds with his nannies and governesses as well as with members of his extended family, such as his grandmother, the Queen Mother, and his great-uncle Lord Mountbatten. There is film footage showing the Queen and Prince Philip playing with their young children, but their busy schedules meant their children spent long periods of time with other family members and carers.” Chances are good if the royal parents wanted to toughen up their son, they would have left this task to a nanny or a governess.

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