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Francis “Bud” Lovett, a 10th Mountain Division veteran and centenarian who trained at Camp Hale, talks about the importance of conservation for the sake of nature itself, teaching future generations and preserving lessons learned in the past. He was decorated with a bronze star with two oak leaf clusters and the device V for Valor during his heroic service as a doctor in the Italian campaign.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

VAIL — As the country celebrated National Public Lands Day Saturday, the Colorado Snowsports Museum hosted a crowd of rallying advocates for the proposed Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument.

Among those advocating for President Joe Biden to designate the new monument was Francis “Bud” Lovett, one of the few surviving veterans of the original 10th Mountain Division, who is now 100 years old.


The division underwent intense training like no other in the U.S. Army at Camp Hale, with soldiers – who, on average, weighed 128 pounds and were 5ft 8in tall – working up to carrying at least 94 pounds on skis wooden measuring 7 feet, 6 inches long. Soldiers also spent nights in the freezing cold to prepare for the harsh conditions that encountered them in the Italian Alps, where they fought and won heroic battles.

Despite the grueling conditions, Lovett and other members of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale fell in love with the area. Despite the unforgiving conditions for them, reverence for the beauty and intensity of their training grounds and surroundings blossomed in the hearts of the soldiers.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan talks about what Camp Hale meant to his grandfather and his family at Saturday’s meeting in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

During Saturday’s press conference, Lovett explained how Camp Hale is forever in his heart, both because of its beauty and the memories he trained there.

“Since losing my sight, it has been a joy for me to be able to remember so many wonderful things that I have seen, especially here,” Lovett said. “I remember I climbed Homestake and was there for the first snowfall. I was amazed by the sounds the birds I could hear them singing and there were still wildflowers at the edge of where the snow had stopped and that kind of thing is something you can’t do not forget.

After serving in World War II, many of Lovett’s comrades who also trained at Camp Hale returned to the mountainous region they fell in love with. Many of them founded the most famous ski resorts in the United States, including Vail. State Rep. Dylan Roberts, an Avon Democrat running for Senate District 8, said Saturday that the 10e Mountain Division veterans have to thank for fueling the state’s thriving outdoor recreation economy.

Supporters of the CORE Act, including State Senator Kerry Donvan, State Representative Dylan Roberts, County Commissioners Jeanne McQueeney and Kathy Chandler-Henry, members of the Vet Voice Foundation and veteran of 10th Mountain Division Fancis “Bud” Lovett, pose for a group photo Saturday in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

Like Lovett, many who advocate for the area’s protection believe Camp Hale’s national monument status would help preserve the area for recreators, nature lovers, and those who will benefit from being there physically and emotionally.

Bradley Noone, who joined the military in 2005 and now serves as an outdoor liaison Operation VetFit and volunteers from the Sierra Club Military Outdoors and Veterans Expeditions, shared how the legacy of Camp Hale lives on for veterans today. For this reason, Noone believes the creation of the Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument is crucial.

“It comes full circle, at least for me,” Noone said. “I was involved in the outdoors growing up, but the military really forced us out, forced us into the mountains. I had never spent a ton of time in the mountains. Then, once out of the army, I was looking for another way to cope, to heal my war wounds, both physical and mental. I found the area around Camp Hale and it literally saved my life. So stacking that on top of historical value, I think (the establishment of the national monument) is a no-brainer.

State Rep. Dylan Roberts speaks about his support for the CORE Act at Saturday’s rally in Vail for a proposed national monument that includes Camp Hale.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

Because the 10th Mountain Division has a long heritage in Vail, veterans like Noone and Lovett, along with snow sports enthusiasts encouraged President Biden to designate Camp Hale and Tenmile Range as a national monument. .

President’s America the great initiative aims to conserve 30% of the nation’s land and water by 2030, and Camp Hale has been a hot spot for initializing that promised protection.

“(The America the Beautiful Initiative) is a challenge to build on the country’s best conservation traditions to be true to principles that reflect the country’s values ​​and to improve the quality of life for Americans – now and for decades to come. come,” said the US Department of the Interior reports.

Recreation and nature are core values ​​for Colorado residents, which has garnered a lot of support for the initiative alongside the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Actwhich also aims to conserve and protect public lands throughout the state.

Janessa Goldbeck, CEO of Vet Voice Foundation and Marine Corps veteran, introduces local elected officials and Francis “Bud” Lovett, a 10th Mountain veteran and centenarian who trained at Camp Hale, during Saturday’s rally for a proposed national monument honoring the famous World War II training site at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

However, on Thursday, U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, who represents parts of Eagle County in Colorado’s sprawling 3rd District, sent a letter to Biden opposing the creation of the monument.

“While Camp Hale and our military personnel stationed there made significant contributions to World War II, we do not support the efforts of extreme environmentalists who seek to hijack this historic site to create a new land designation – a designation which literally does not exist – to ban harvesting and logging on nearly 30,000 acres of land,” the letter read.

Speakers at Saturday’s rally at the Colorado Snowsports Museum claimed Boebert’s letter failed to acknowledge the wide range of stakeholders across the political and economic spectrum — from conservationists to ranchers and hunters — who came out in favor of the CORE Act, which has passed the House of Representatives five times but stalled several times in the US Senate. Jordan Williams, a member of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, said the more resources invested in the area, which would happen with national monument designation, the more people will respect and protect it.

“It’s a lot about education,” Williams said. “It’s like you go park here, cycle here, hike here, how do you do that responsibly? Having a designated trail is a great way to do this because you limit your impact, obviously on the natural resource side, and also allow access in a sustainable way.

Advocates at the rally, following the Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s 4-mile Cataract Falls hike in the vicinity of Camp Hale, agreed that designation of the land as a national monument is necessary for the land to be available and remain beautiful for generations to come.

“I hope to God that someone in high places listens to an old man who was there and knows the value of what you have in this 10-mile circuit,” Lovett said. “So, all the best to you, and an urgent message to President Biden – for Pete’s sake, take care, grab your pen and sign.”

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world will be built in canada Fri, 23 Sep 2022 06:45:45 +0000

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world

The Quebec company geoLagon, specializing in the sale of cottages for short-term rental, intends to build the largest geothermal lagoon in the world in Charlevoix, Canada. Inspired by the famous Blue Lagoon of Iceland, the open-air lagoon will feature a patent-pending thermal reservoir heating system that will keep the waters at 39°C (102°F) year-round, providing shelter from plunging area temperatures. below freezing (32°F) in winter. The project will cover 12,000 m² (130,000 square feet) and will include hundreds of chalets to create a completely self-contained village.

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world will be built in the Charlevoix region, Canada

all images courtesy of geoLagoon


A study by Canadian sustainable energy company Akonovia has confirmed that the geoLagon project will be completely self-sufficient. A vast thermal reservoir will rest beneath the lagoon base, fueled by an energy ecosystem comprised of geothermal, biomass, photovoltaic and solar heating technologies, which are currently patent pending. The photovoltaic coating of the chalets will absorb solar energy to power the heat pumps. Compared to other developments, the geoLagon village plans to reduce its groundwater consumption by 90 to 95% thanks to a rainwater collection and filtration system. With other technologies such as sewage heat recovery, the geoLagon community could also eventually become an energy generator.

“Quebec is in pole position to demonstrate to the world that self-sufficiency in renewable energies is a real business option, particularly in the tourism industry,” shares Louis Massicotte, owner and CEO of the Quebec company. “I invite the citizens and associative actors of each territory to support us in our projects to speed up the process and quickly materialize this world first with a first geoLAGON village. I humbly hope that geoLAGON will become a source of pride for each of us. he adds.

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
a patent-pending thermal reservoir heating system that will keep the waters warm all year round

construction is expected to begin in March 2023

When the project is complete, groups of chalets will surround the lagoon, using a photovoltaic coating to capture solar energy and assist water heat pumps. These cottages will be for sale and can be used for living by the lagoon or rented out to tourists for vacations. Visitors to the location will have access to art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, restaurants, and whale watching experiences in addition to lagoon water.

The project is divided into three parts, the first being the construction of 150 solar-powered chalets, followed by the lagoon as the second stage, and finally the remaining 150 dwellings. After Charlevoix, geoLagoon has plans for three more such lagoons in the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Eastern Townships. Construction of the First site is scheduled to begin in March 2023.

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
groups of chalets will encircle the lagoon, using a photovoltaic coating to harness solar energy

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
visitors to the location will have access to art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, restaurants and whale watching experiences

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada

project info:

Last name: geoLagon project
company: geoLagoon
location: Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

myrto katsikopoulou I conceive

Sep 23, 2022

Review of Morzine: Best family ski resort in the Portes du Soleil – French Alps Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:04:58 +0000

Dilan Sisodia

Ski trips are one of the most common vacation trips during the winter and spring seasons, but finding the best family ski resorts for all abilities can be tricky due to the endless number of resorts and attractions. accommodation options. HELLO! were delighted to discover Morzine.

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Morzine, located at Gates Of The Sunthe french alps (and otherwise known as the Gateway to the Sun) is one of the more popular options. It is known for the endless amounts of winter activities and of course skiing, making it one of the best ski resorts in the French Alps. Here are the key details about Morzine and first-hand recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to eat during your stay!

Morzine offers epic views of the French Alps

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Where is Morzine

Morzine is in the French Alps and is situated around the Portes du Soleil region. A short flight from London to Geneva followed by a quick 1-2 hour coach ride – I used Skiidy Gonzales which has the best view of Switzerland. You will have plenty of time to settle into your hotel – we recommend Hotel Neve, or even start your skiing adventures in the Alps! Not only is the journey quite short, but Morzine is nestled in the heart of ski resorts, local farms and even nightlife.

Ski with the family in the French Alps

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Where to sleep in Morzine

I recommend staying at Hotel Nevea modern and stylish 3 star hotel recently refurbished including a spa, gym, indoor swimming pool and a fantastic outdoor hot tub with views of the surrounding mountains.

Hôtel Névé offers incredible views from the hot tub

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Hôtel Névé in winter

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Where to eat in Morzine

The town is full of restaurants and bars

The farm

The Closed is a 250 year old restaurant and 11 bedroom boutique hotel located in the heart of Morzine. It features an open fireplace, cozy sitting area, flame-lit dining room and luxurious bedrooms with years of history and character.

Enjoy The Farmhouse’s atmospheric dining room

The chamade

The chamade is a popular and more formal restaurant in the Morzine area, offering an extensive range of wines for all. There’s also a selection of the best cheeses downstairs alongside a floor dedicated to the local art scene.

Gastro pub Bec Jaune

Homesickness? The Brasserie du Bec Jaune has it covered with a substantial menu of gourmet comfort food using local ingredients and a bustling atmosphere filled with tourists, locals and plenty of locally produced beer from its microbrewery.

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Winter activities in Morzine

There is so much to do besides skiing

Ski with an eagle

Unmissable, this unique opportunity to ski alongside birds of prey only exists in Morzine! Spot eagles, owls, vultures and more. The action-packed ski tour (available for guests over 12) will allow you to learn about the birds while seeing them in action. Professional photos will be taken of you to purchase later, and you’ll also get the chance to hold the birds if you’re lucky! Book here.

A photo opportunity of a lifetime

Walking with snowshoes

Have you always wanted to hike in the snowy mountains at night and gaze at the stars? Snowshoeing in Morzine is the ideal activity, with breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the magnificent peaks of the Swiss mountains. As you hike through the mountains, spot local wildlife, gaze at the stars through binoculars, and end the night with local wine by an open campfire.

Bars / Après-ski

As well as restaurants and gastropubs in Morzine, there is a great choice of places to drink, including bars and the lively après-ski culture on the mountain, which is also easy to ski for beginners.

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How high is Morzine?

Morzine is an impressive 1000 meters high – and that’s not counting the tracks!

Morzine – a breathtaking place

Find out more and plan your wonderful winter vacation in here.

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Reinventing commerce for the circular economy, Finnish platform Rentle raises $3.8 million Mon, 19 Sep 2022 14:43:32 +0000

The World Economic Forum has declared that the world could change in one of eight ways by 2030, one of them being our collective consumption behavior. Experts from the World Economic Forum predict: “You will own nothing and you will be happy. Anything you want, you will rent it and it will be delivered by drone. »

Building on this need driven by an evolving consumer, the Finnish Circular Economy Business Platform To rent out raised $3.8 million in funding. The round was supported by major financial services investors, including Tera Ventures, Anthemis,, Mission One Capital, The bottom and European and US family offices and angel investors. After the funding, Rentle plans to expand its global presence and help merchants increase their inventory in a sustainable way.

Founded in 2019, the commerce platform provides merchants with software to easily and cost-effectively participate in the circular economy. According to the company, what sets Rentle apart from existing commerce platform giants such as Shopify is its focus on enabling any retailer or brand to start a circular business model in minutes. Its traders range from small, entrepreneur-run businesses to ski resorts and retail brands such as Motonet and Decathlon UK.

Tuomo Laine, CEO and Co-Founder of Rentle said, “Our goal is to stop the world from drowning in stuff by ending one-time consumption, one merchant at a time. We are developing technology that helps sellers move to more profitable and sustainable circular business models. For consumers, this will mean effortless access to a wider range of higher quality products at a lower price.

Sophie Winwood, Principal at Anthemis added, “Any significant behavior change requires an underlying technology platform to facilitate it. As we move from buying goods to accessing them, Rentle will be that platform. Not only is this move a necessity as we transition to a more sustainable model of commerce, but it also represents a huge business opportunity, where the integrated fintech and insurtech revenue streams will play an important role.

Bull moose dies at Keystone ski resort after becoming entangled in electrical cords Fri, 16 Sep 2022 23:32:29 +0000
A bull moose was killed at Keystone Ski Resort after becoming entangled in electrical cords from snowmaking equipment. An anonymous source emailed photos and video of the moose being dragged up the mountain behind a truck. (Provided to the Colorado Sun)

A bull moose died this week after becoming entangled in electrical cords attached to snowmaking equipment at Keystone Ski Resort.

Ski resort workers found the moose wrapped in wires. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said the animal died of “capture myopathy,” which is defined as stress and physical exertion from being restrained. Station workers dragged the dead moose down the mountain behind a truck. An anonymous source captured the deletion on video that was sent to the Colorado Sun.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials investigated the animal’s death after the resort reported the incident. Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman John Livingston called the death “a unique and very rare situation that no one I’ve spoken to at CPW has ever seen happen before.”

Livingston said Summit County wildlife officials at the agency do not recall anything similar at any of the county’s four ski areas.

The agency is working with Keystone officials on strategies to prevent the death of another animal. It is likely that the station will begin to cover its snow guns and electrical cords. The electrical wires supporting snowmaking machines are thicker and larger than typical extension cords.

“As a moose is wrapped up in something like this, it will pull and push harder and harder to try to break free and entangle itself even more,” Livingston said, noting that the animal’s meat has was donated to a local non-profit organization.

Video sent to the Colorado Sun shows workers at the Keystone Ski Resort removing a moose that was killed after being trapped in the electrical cords of snowmaking equipment.

A Vail Resorts spokeswoman said resort workers have never encountered any animals tangled in snowmaking equipment. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it is working with the company on any operational adjustments to better protect wildlife.

“This was a sad and rare accident. Even still, we plan to do more in the future to prevent rare events like this from happening at all,” Lindsay Hogan of Vail Resorts said in a statement sent. via email.”We immediately notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife when the moose was discovered and removed the moose under their guidance and direction.”

Last month, the company clashed with the Keystone Forest Service when work to install the elevator stretched beyond an allowable limit. Keystone has been forced to delay the opening of a new chairlift in its Bergman Bowl for a year as it struggles to repair damage caused by the illegal temporary road the company built over the boundary forest of the ski area.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said this is the time of year when wildlife officers typically see more problems with wildlife getting caught in nets, decorative lights, hammocks and fences in populated areas. . Residents of Park City, Utah this week captured video of sheriff’s deputies releasing a bull moose entangled in a garden hammock. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers this week in Estes Park calmed a bull elk to cut the fences of the animal’s antlers.

“As this incident shows, it’s important for all members of our mountain communities to be vigilant when it comes to finding ways to be a good neighbor to wildlife,” Livingston said.

The last

Procession, funeral of slain Arvada policeman Dillon Vakoff

Procession, funeral of slain Arvada policeman Dillon Vakoff

Vakoff, 27, died in a hospital on Sunday after being shot as he and another officer responded to a disturbance that…

What works: Hello entrepreneurs, it's Denver Startup Week!

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It’s year 11 for the annual festival of entrepreneurship that is Denver Startup Week, which begins Monday. And it’s still full…

Opinion: Colorado newspapers need new models, better owners

Opinion: Colorado newspapers need new models, better owners

A cautionary tale from the former editor of the Aspen Times

Colorado man, 71, convicted in 1982 of murdering 2 women

Colorado man, 71, convicted in 1982 of murdering 2 women

Alan Lee Phillips was arrested last year, authorities used DNA evidence to identify him as a suspect in the murder of Annette…

Residence of Democratic state senate candidate running in back-to-back Colorado district is challenged in court

Residence of Democratic state senate candidate running in back-to-back Colorado district is challenged in court

State Rep. Kyle Mullica is the third state senator or Senate nominee whose residency has come into question in recent times…

Gambling giant Macau opens offers for seven casinos, Genting a wild card Fri, 16 Sep 2022 04:06:00 +0000

A woman walks past a Bank of China branch next to the Grand Lisboa (R) hotel and casino in Macau, China December 21, 2019. REUTERS/Jason Lee

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HONG KONG, Sept 16 (Reuters) – The Macau government on Friday opened bids from seven companies, including a wildcard from Malaysian operator Genting, for licenses to operate casinos at the world’s biggest gambling center, kicking off a closely watched battle for six available slots.

Macao’s senior officials, including the city’s Secretary of Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, and Secretary of Administration and Justice, Andre Cheong, attended the opening with senior leaders of the Macau casinos Las Vegas Sands (LVS.N) Macau unites Sands China (1928.HK), Wynn Macao (1128.HK) and MGM China (2282.HK).

Macau’s six incumbents, which also include Galaxy Entertainment (0027.HK), Melco Resorts and SJM Holding (0880.HK), submitted bids before the deadline on Wednesday with GMM Limited, a holding company of Genting Group chairman , Sri Lim. Kok Thay, which does not operate casinos in Macau.

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GMM’s bid came as a surprise to many executives and analysts, with some saying it posed additional uncertainty for local operators.

Genting would have been encouraged to apply and would be a good choice given that he is the only operator of the applicants with a strong background in theme parks, said Ben Lee, founder of Macau gaming consultancy IGamiX.

“There’s a chance they could overthrow one of the incumbents. They (Genting) think so too, otherwise they wouldn’t have put HK$10 million ($1.27 million) in bet.”

Genting operates casinos in Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and Britain and has extensive non-gaming operations, a key priority for the Macau government. He has also made a series of investments in China, including a leading ski resort that hosted the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

The sector has been reeling since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with revenues slipping 70% in 2021 to $10.8 billion from $36 billion in 2019.

Macau’s new casino licenses are set to begin in 2023 and are crucial for the six licensees to continue operating their multi-billion dollar properties. They have collectively invested some $40 billion in Macau since casinos were liberalized over 20 years ago.

All the companies submitted their bids in person via two large stacks of paper files, transported by trolleys, to the government on Wednesday, according to footage from public broadcaster TDM. They had to pay HK$10 million to apply.

The tender comes as casinos in Macau have come under fire from ongoing COVID restrictions and travel restrictions. Authorities have also rigorously tightened control over gambling operations in the former Portuguese colony via new legislation.


The number of licenses awarded will not change from 6, Justice Secretary Cheong said before the bids were opened. The government will review the proposals and negotiate with the bidders before announcing the winners before the end of the year, he said.

Analysts expect the results to come in late November or early December.

For bids, companies must show “special consideration…to develop foreign tourism markets, experience in operating casino games, investment in gaming and other projects for the benefit of Macau, plans to run the casino, plans to monitor and prevent illegal activities and social responsibilities,” according to a statement posted on the government’s website.

Genting Malaysia confirmed that its indirect subsidiary GMM had submitted an offer to the Macau government in a statement to the Malaysian stock exchange on September 15.

This move is an opportunity to “develop its activity in the leisure and hotel sector, diversify its geographical footprint and participate in recovery prospects” in Macao.

Genting applied for a license in Macau more than two decades ago, but was unsuccessful. Since 2020, he has started the construction of a hotel in the south of the main peninsula of Macau. It should open later this year.

Genting will still be able to operate its resort even if it does not obtain a new casino license, in accordance with Macau laws.

($1 = HK$7.8478)

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Reporting by Farah Master; Editing by Kim Coghill

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City opposes the gondola project Tue, 13 Sep 2022 22:23:48 +0000

SALT LAKE CITY — The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City is urging its members to oppose a gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon, arguing that the proposed project would harm the environment and take money that could be spent to help people in need.

“The gondola is not an option for the poor and using this kind of public funding because an option that won’t benefit anyone on a low income seems to us to be a pretty bad use of taxpayers’ money,” said Jean Hill , the director of the Catholic Diocese’s Office of Life, Justice and Peace, said in an interview with FOX 13 News on Tuesday.

The diocese emailed Catholics across the state, urging them to weigh in against UDOT’s recommendation for the gondola. UDOT has an ongoing 45-day public comment period.

“We believe that any public policy should be judged by its impact on the most vulnerable. This one does horrible things for the most vulnerable,” Hill said. “Because it does absolutely nothing for them. It’s substantial funding that goes to something that will really only benefit people who can already afford to ski, first of all, and who can only afford this transportation option.”

Earlier this month, UDOT recommended gondola to alleviate traffic and congestion for Little Cottonwood Canyon transporting passengers from La Caille to Snowbird and Alta ski resorts. However, the agency suggested it should be “gradual” and allow the use of other public transport options like buses.

The gondola faced opposition from Republican and Democratic leaders, as well as members of the communities surrounding the canyon. It will ultimately be up to the Utah state legislature to decide if it should be funded. UDOT estimated costs could reach more than half a billion dollars for a gondola, but the agency argued it could be cheaper than other modes of transportation in the long run.

The two ski resorts that would benefit from a gondola, Snowbird and Alta, had no immediate comment when contacted by FOX 13 News on Tuesday.

“We welcome all public input on the Little Cottonwood Canyon Environmental Study Project. Public input is an essential part of our process. The 45-day comment period is open until October 17. After reviewing all public comments, UDOT will publish a final document. Funding will not be identified until a final decision has been made,” UDOT said in a statement.

It’s the cost that bothers the diocese, Hill said. The money could pay for free public transit for everyone or expand affordable housing options statewide.

“Budgets are moral documents. This idea of ​​how we spend taxpayer funding, we make moral decisions here,” Hill said. “And for us, the moral decision is to put that kind of money into things that are going to benefit at least of us.”

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City frequently weighs in on social causes and bills on Utah’s Capitol Hill, ranging from abortion and the death penalty to homelessness and housing. Under the law, churches can intervene on social issues without fear of losing their tax-exempt status. They cannot support particular political candidates.

Snowriver Mountain Resort Appoints New General Manager Fri, 09 Sep 2022 13:57:54 +0000

Last week it was announced that Charles Skinner, owner granite peak and Mount Lutsenhad bought Great snow station in Michigan. The two separate peaks, known as Blackjack Mountain and Indianhead Mountain, are renowned. Big Snow Resort is renamed SnowRiver Mountain Resort to avoid confusion with the Big SNOW American Dream indoor ski area in New Jersey. Blackjack Mountain becomes Black River Basin and Indianhead will now be known as Jackson Creek Summit. These changes were made to be more respectful to the Native American community.

They have since joined Indy Pass and have now appointed a new General Manager and Assistant General Manager. Benjamin Bartz, who was the Mountain Manager of Giants Ridge, will become chief executive of Snowriver in October. Timothy Moon moves from managing director at Big Snow to assistant managing director. The official statement from Snowriver Mountain Resort is below:


WAKEFIELD, MI (September 6, 2022) – Snowriver Mountain Resort (formerly known as Big Snow Resort) has hired Benjamin Bartz as General Manager. Bartz will move from Giants Ridge, where he currently retains the Mountain Manager title, to Snowriver sometime next month. Bartz will begin work on the property the first week of October.

A member of the National Ski Patrol, Bartz attended Gogebic Community College and Northern Michigan University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in ski resort business management after interning at Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort in 2017. For the past five years, he has held the position of Director of Mountain Operations in Giants Ridge, Minnesota. In 2019, Ski Area Management Magazine named him in its “Top 10 Under 30”. A list highlighting a diverse group of 10 ski industry professionals who are making positive differences while working towards bigger roles in the future.

“I am thrilled to be named General Manager of Snowriver Mountain Resort,” said Bartz. “The Skinner family has demonstrated a dedication to reinvestment and excellence in their operations at Granite Peak and Lutsen Mountains. I believe the future is bright at Snowriver and I look forward to getting started.

Bartz grew up in Tomahawk, Wis., where his family still resides, and grew up skiing resorts on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, after holding season passes at resorts Charles Skinner Jr. purchased last week .

“Ben impressed us during his interview, and we felt he was a natural candidate for the position with his strong ties to the region and his knowledge of ski resort operations,” said Skinner, CEO and President of Midwest Family Ski Resorts. This company owns Snowriver and Granite Peak, WI & Lutsen Mountains, MN.

Joining Bartz at the top of Snowriver Mountain’s org chart will be Timothy Moon, who has been named assistant general manager. Tim’s primary responsibilities will focus on internal ski resort operations, such as accommodations, administrative operations and events, and will help Bartz transition to General Manager.

“Tim’s knowledge of the operations of these ski resorts is incredibly broad,” Skinner said. “He was an obvious choice to help run these ski areas. We are excited to see what these two young men can do together as we transform into the new Snowriver Mountain Resort.

Moon has held various positions in the ski areas known as Indianhead and Blackjack and has lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for 12 years.

Picture credits: Snowriver Ski Resort

Tahoe ski resorts look to go further, faster in 2022-23 Fri, 02 Sep 2022 14:35:23 +0000
Heavenly Mountain Resort has replaced its North Bowl elevator.

As time passes by the time snow covers the Sierra, local ski resorts in the area are quickly completing work to upgrade lifts and expand terrain.

From new gondolas and lifts to open ski areas, Lake Tahoe area ski resorts plan to offer more to guests than ever this coming season.

Heavenly mountain resort

In South Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Mountain Resort is increasing the climbing capacity of its North Bowl chairlift by 40%.

The Vail Resorts-operated mountain will replace its three-person lift with a new four-person high-speed chair. By auctioning off the three-person chairs, Heavenly raised $162,000 for nonprofits such as the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, Ski Run Community Park, and the EpicPromise Foundation.

The North Bowl upgrade will reduce passenger time on the Boulder elevator, as well as a planned reduction in wait times at the Stagecoach and Olympic elevators, according to station officials.

Late last month, Vail Resorts announced it would be limiting lift ticket sales throughout the season to prioritize guest experience.

“We care deeply about the experience of our guests at our resorts,” said James O’Donnell, president of the Mountain Division of Vail Resorts, in a press release. “Limited lift tickets throughout the season, along with the large investments we are making in our resorts and our team members, will help us provide our guests with an unforgettable experience this winter.”

Additionally, Vail Resorts will no longer require COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment, but will continue to require daily health screenings for all team members working on-site. There are currently no requirements for face coverings, vaccines, or restaurant and elevator reservations at Vail resorts for the upcoming season.

Heavenly is aiming for an opening date of November 18.

Kirkwood Mountain Station

Vail’s other operated resort south of Tahoe, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, will celebrate its 50th anniversarye anniversary of operations this season.

Ahead of the ski season, Kirkwood announced an addition to its mountain bike offering. The Forbidden Forest trail will open this weekend.

Kirkwood is targeting Dec. 2 for its season opener.

Northstar California Resort

Located above Truckee and Lake Tahoe, the third of Vail’s operated mountains in the region, Northstar California Resort, will also be celebrating 50 years in business.

This season, Northstar will launch an upgraded Comstock Express, going from a four-person chair to a high-speed six-person lift. The upgrades are designed to reduce wait times at one of the mountain’s most popular lifts and will increase ascent capacity by nearly 50%.

An auction of Northstar’s old Comstock chairs raised over $23,000 for the EpicPromise Foundation. The resort’s terrain parks team also uses the lift towers to create new features.

“Our teams look forward to welcoming guests back to our mountains for the upcoming winter season,” said Tom Fortune, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – Heavenly Mountain Resort and Tahoe Area in a press release. . “We look forward to the start of the ski + ride season every year, and I know it will be another amazing winter for all of our Tahoe area resorts. Most importantly, our Heavenly, Kirkwood and Northstar teams are working incredibly hard. to prepare, and their incredible dedication and focus will no doubt enable us to deliver another great season for our guests.

Northstar plans to start running elevators on November 18.


About a year ago, the skies above Sierra-at-Tahoe were orange as the Caldor Fire scorched tens of thousands of acres.

The fire burned down the area’s West Bowl and kept the resort closed for most of last season.

The fire affected 1,600 of the 2,000-acre resorts, damaged lift towers, haul ropes, terrain park features, four new snowcats, a maintenance building, “which housed numerous tools and belongings of our crews, some of which had been passed down from generation to generation,” according to an update from the station.

Station officials say more than 14,000 fire-damaged trees have been felled, which is about five million board feet of timber removed from the station’s slopes.

Sierra-at-Tahoe usually opens late November, early December.

Tahoe Palisades

A dream that has been in the making for more than seven decades is finally coming true as the Olympic Valley and the Alpine meadows will now be linked by the base-to-base gondola.

The $65 million project will take skiers from either base area in 16 minutes, spanning 2.4 miles from Olympic Valley to Alpine Meadows. It will have the ability to function as two separate elevators allowing access to the top of the KT-22 from either base area. This connection makes Palisades Tahoe the third largest ski area in North America, according to Alterra Mountain Company.

At Alpine Meadows, the Red Dog chairlift changes from a three-person chairlift to a detachable high-speed six-person chairlift. The lift will also be moved to a new location to allow skiers and snowboarders access to the parking lot.

Palisades said they will start running the elevators Nov. 22.

Mount Rose Ski Tahoe

The largest capital improvement project in Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe’s history, a $7.5 million expansion, will see the resort’s new Lakeview area open to skiers and snowboarders.

The new trail will provide views of Lake Tahoe and access to the Around the World Trail.

“Expanding the Lakeview area, improving trails and adding the new express chairlift will have a transformative effect on how people access this area of ​​the mountain,” said Mike Pierce, chief marketing officer of Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, in a statement. Release. “Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels will enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe they’ve never had before, and the new Lakeside Trail will quickly become a favorite with many thanks to its gentle, wide flow. complemented by stellar lake views.”

The new Lakeview chairlift will open during the 2022-23 winter season weather and snow conditions permitting. The beginner slope will create a more suitable route from the top of the Lakeview lift to the Around the World ski slope, giving novice skiers and snowboarders a greater ability to enjoy lake views while accessing beginner terrain .

Mt. Rose is usually among the first resorts to open for the season and started running lifts as early as late October.

Homewood Mountain Resort

While Homewood Mountain Resort’s announcement to move to a members-only structure has garnered a lot of attention, ski enthusiasts on Tahoe’s West Rim won’t see any change this season.

Skiers will benefit from the open terrain thanks to the forest thinning projects, which resort officials say have created new areas for tree skiing.

Homewood typically opens early to mid-December.

Bike Fest is back in Horseshoe Valley Tue, 30 Aug 2022 20:59:56 +0000

Horseshoe Resort is giving Ontario another big party to celebrate summer trails. The third annual Horseshoe Valley Mountain Bike Festival will take place September 16-18, 2022.

The three-day festival brings together runners of all ages and abilities, with races and other activities plus an exhibition area with top brands and even a movie premiere.

We Are One Composites, based in Kamloops, British Columbia, will travel east to host the mountain bike film premiere of its project with Justin Skinner on Saturday.

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Although Bike Fest is not just about racing, there will be plenty of opportunities for experienced and up-and-coming riders to test their skills against the clock.

Races include:
● Dual Slalom
● Descent presented by Smith Optics
● Enduro presented by Bateman’s Bike Co.

There’s also a kids’ zone, guided women’s bike rides, live racing and, as mentioned, a movie premiere.

“The Horseshoe Valley area is a cycling hub. Horseshoe Resort is surrounded by world class mountain bike trails, rolling roads and gravel trails. The resort has invested heavily in building the only lift-accessible mountain bike trails in the province. We look forward to introducing more cyclists to the area and sharing our passion and enthusiasm for all things cycling,” said Jonathan Reid, Vice President of Ski Resorts, Horseshoe Resort.

Details and registration: Horseshoe Valley Bike Festival 2022