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You don’t need to spend a lot to have a great time on your next trip.

Key points

  • Americans are spending more on travel due to increased demand due to the pandemic, but you don’t have to break your budget to enjoy a vacation.
  • San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque are just a few surprising places where you can have a great time without spending a ton of money.
  • Many outdoor activities are free, and many cities offer interesting neighborhoods where you can take in the sights without spending a lot of money.

Americans are spending a lot on travel these days. With pent-up demand from the pandemic, some of the big increases in personal spending this year have been in travel and leisure. But you don’t have to shell out all your hard-earned savings to enjoy your next vacation. To find the best places to travel on a budget, we’ve used Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index, Restaurant Index and Local Purchasing Power Index for each city in our list below. .

These ratings are relative to New York City, which means that for New York City, each index is 100%. For example, if a particular city has a restaurant index of 120, it means that on average, costs in that city are 20% more expensive than in New York.

Now that the technical aspects are out of the way, here are the 10 best spots for traveling on a budget.

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1. San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a large city in south central Texas with a rich heritage. The city is known for the Alamo, the mile-long River Walk with a promenade of cafes and shops, a Japanese tea garden and much more. In addition, San Antonio has many other museums, restaurants and tourist activities.

Cost of living index: 61.33

Restaurant price index: 62.69

Local purchasing power index: 180.99

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $123

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is known for its cowboy culture, entertainment district, and museums. It has historical places to visit and even a place to go rafting. Plus, you can take a water taxi and visit the city’s waterfront restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions.

Cost of living index: 64.25

Restaurant price index: 50.27

Local purchasing power index: 128.80

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $98

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. Founded in 1706 as a Spanish colony, it is rich in history. Old Town Albuquerque is known for its historic adobe buildings, such as San Felipe de Neri Church, museums, and Native American shops. Additionally, Albuquerque is also the ballooning capital of the world, hosting the International Balloon Fiesta every October.

Cost of living index: 64.99

Restaurant price index: 66.18

Local purchasing power index: 162.53

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $167

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, known for sites such as historic Temple Square and the headquarters of the Mormon Church, the Great Salt Lake, zoos, gardens, and other attractions. The city has a strong arts and culture scene as well as plenty of outdoor activities, including skiing and golf. The region also offers year-round adventures with alpine mountains, lakes for fishing and rivers for rafting. And there are plenty of state and national parks nearby, as well as places to shop and enjoy the nightlife.

Cost of living index: 65.66

Restaurant price index: 75.59

Local purchasing power index: 140.73

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $154

5. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city, located on the Ohio River along the Indiana border. It is best known for the Kentucky Derby and is also home to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, where Major League bats are produced. The city is also known for its bourbon and offers the Urban Bourbon Experience, where visitors can participate in distillery tours and tastings.

Cost of living index: 65.76

Restaurant price index: 65.83

Local purchasing power index: 146.41

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $147

6.Austin, Texas

Capital Austin is known for its live music scene. Musicians perform outdoors at seasonal events as well as at world-famous festivals. Austin is home to the University of Texas and has plenty of museums and historic sites to visit. The area enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 68 degrees, according to Visit Austin, making it a great place to enjoy outdoor activities.

Cost of living index: 68.44

Restaurant price index: 74.22

Local purchasing power index: 154.36

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $274

7. Orlando, Florida

Yes, Disney World and Universal Studios Florida aren’t cheap, but there are plenty of other things to do in Orlando. In addition to its well-known theme parks, Orlando has many water parks, the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, farmers markets, museums and other fun activities. And there are plenty of free activities too, like the outdoor Disney Springs, Disney’s Boardwalk, Universal Citywalk, and Old Town Orlando and Celebration Town Center.

Cost of living index: 69.70

Restaurant price index: 77.62

Local purchasing power index: 140.53

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $155

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

As long as you don’t lose your shirt gambling, you can enjoy tons of free stuff while strolling the infamous Las Vegas Strip. You can even get a decent hotel in Las Vegas this fall for around $70, according to Priceline. And many of the top hotels tend to keep prices reasonable so they can attract people to spend money in casinos. Las Vegas is also home to the Mob Museum and plenty of outdoor activities. Plus, it’s close to the Grand Canyon.

Cost of living index: 70.28

Restaurant price index: 72.08

Local purchasing power index: 116.43

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $204

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is well known for its outdoor activities. The city sits at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, near glacier-carved Pikes Peak. And the Pikes Peak area offers many attractions, including trains, museums, parks and a zoo. Additionally, there are a number of hiking trails and a railway leading to the top of the mountain. Colorado Springs also has a vibrant downtown, perfect for city lovers, especially those on a budget.

Cost of living index: 71.70

Restaurant price index: 79.77

Local purchasing power index: 167.21

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $141

10. Tampa, Florida

Tampa is located along Florida’s Gulf Coast and offers a wide range of activities for those on a budget. The area is full of outdoor water activities, a bustling downtown area, and plenty of interesting architecture. You can also explore zoos, an aquarium, a river walk, and a host of restaurants and shops in Tampa.

Cost of living index: 73.94

Restaurant price index: 80.41

Local purchasing power index: 135.97

Average hotel room (October 2022, per Priceline): $167

Families may be cutting back on big-ticket items due to inflation, but there is no sign that travel spending will decline in the near future. These 10 places are perfect for a quick trip to enjoy the sights and sounds while keeping the expense down.

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Rally for Camp Hale national monument at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail features a 100-year-old World War II veteran Sun, 25 Sep 2022 02:35:13 +0000
Francis “Bud” Lovett, a 10th Mountain Division veteran and centenarian who trained at Camp Hale, talks about the importance of conservation for the sake of nature itself, teaching future generations and preserving lessons learned in the past. He was decorated with a bronze star with two oak leaf clusters and the device V for Valor during his heroic service as a doctor in the Italian campaign.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

VAIL — As the country celebrated National Public Lands Day Saturday, the Colorado Snowsports Museum hosted a crowd of rallying advocates for the proposed Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument.

Among those advocating for President Joe Biden to designate the new monument was Francis “Bud” Lovett, one of the few surviving veterans of the original 10th Mountain Division, who is now 100 years old.


The division underwent intense training like no other in the U.S. Army at Camp Hale, with soldiers – who, on average, weighed 128 pounds and were 5ft 8in tall – working up to carrying at least 94 pounds on skis wooden measuring 7 feet, 6 inches long. Soldiers also spent nights in the freezing cold to prepare for the harsh conditions that encountered them in the Italian Alps, where they fought and won heroic battles.

Despite the grueling conditions, Lovett and other members of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale fell in love with the area. Despite the unforgiving conditions for them, reverence for the beauty and intensity of their training grounds and surroundings blossomed in the hearts of the soldiers.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan talks about what Camp Hale meant to his grandfather and his family at Saturday’s meeting in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

During Saturday’s press conference, Lovett explained how Camp Hale is forever in his heart, both because of its beauty and the memories he trained there.

“Since losing my sight, it has been a joy for me to be able to remember so many wonderful things that I have seen, especially here,” Lovett said. “I remember I climbed Homestake and was there for the first snowfall. I was amazed by the sounds the birds I could hear them singing and there were still wildflowers at the edge of where the snow had stopped and that kind of thing is something you can’t do not forget.

After serving in World War II, many of Lovett’s comrades who also trained at Camp Hale returned to the mountainous region they fell in love with. Many of them founded the most famous ski resorts in the United States, including Vail. State Rep. Dylan Roberts, an Avon Democrat running for Senate District 8, said Saturday that the 10e Mountain Division veterans have to thank for fueling the state’s thriving outdoor recreation economy.

Supporters of the CORE Act, including State Senator Kerry Donvan, State Representative Dylan Roberts, County Commissioners Jeanne McQueeney and Kathy Chandler-Henry, members of the Vet Voice Foundation and veteran of 10th Mountain Division Fancis “Bud” Lovett, pose for a group photo Saturday in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

Like Lovett, many who advocate for the area’s protection believe Camp Hale’s national monument status would help preserve the area for recreators, nature lovers, and those who will benefit from being there physically and emotionally.

Bradley Noone, who joined the military in 2005 and now serves as an outdoor liaison Operation VetFit and volunteers from the Sierra Club Military Outdoors and Veterans Expeditions, shared how the legacy of Camp Hale lives on for veterans today. For this reason, Noone believes the creation of the Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument is crucial.

“It comes full circle, at least for me,” Noone said. “I was involved in the outdoors growing up, but the military really forced us out, forced us into the mountains. I had never spent a ton of time in the mountains. Then, once out of the army, I was looking for another way to cope, to heal my war wounds, both physical and mental. I found the area around Camp Hale and it literally saved my life. So stacking that on top of historical value, I think (the establishment of the national monument) is a no-brainer.

State Rep. Dylan Roberts speaks about his support for the CORE Act at Saturday’s rally in Vail for a proposed national monument that includes Camp Hale.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

Because the 10th Mountain Division has a long heritage in Vail, veterans like Noone and Lovett, along with snow sports enthusiasts encouraged President Biden to designate Camp Hale and Tenmile Range as a national monument. .

President’s America the great initiative aims to conserve 30% of the nation’s land and water by 2030, and Camp Hale has been a hot spot for initializing that promised protection.

“(The America the Beautiful Initiative) is a challenge to build on the country’s best conservation traditions to be true to principles that reflect the country’s values ​​and to improve the quality of life for Americans – now and for decades to come. come,” said the US Department of the Interior reports.

Recreation and nature are core values ​​for Colorado residents, which has garnered a lot of support for the initiative alongside the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Actwhich also aims to conserve and protect public lands throughout the state.

Janessa Goldbeck, CEO of Vet Voice Foundation and Marine Corps veteran, introduces local elected officials and Francis “Bud” Lovett, a 10th Mountain veteran and centenarian who trained at Camp Hale, during Saturday’s rally for a proposed national monument honoring the famous World War II training site at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail.
Ben Roof / For the Vail Daily

However, on Thursday, U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, who represents parts of Eagle County in Colorado’s sprawling 3rd District, sent a letter to Biden opposing the creation of the monument.

“While Camp Hale and our military personnel stationed there made significant contributions to World War II, we do not support the efforts of extreme environmentalists who seek to hijack this historic site to create a new land designation – a designation which literally does not exist – to ban harvesting and logging on nearly 30,000 acres of land,” the letter read.

Speakers at Saturday’s rally at the Colorado Snowsports Museum claimed Boebert’s letter failed to acknowledge the wide range of stakeholders across the political and economic spectrum — from conservationists to ranchers and hunters — who came out in favor of the CORE Act, which has passed the House of Representatives five times but stalled several times in the US Senate. Jordan Williams, a member of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, said the more resources invested in the area, which would happen with national monument designation, the more people will respect and protect it.

“It’s a lot about education,” Williams said. “It’s like you go park here, cycle here, hike here, how do you do that responsibly? Having a designated trail is a great way to do this because you limit your impact, obviously on the natural resource side, and also allow access in a sustainable way.

Advocates at the rally, following the Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s 4-mile Cataract Falls hike in the vicinity of Camp Hale, agreed that designation of the land as a national monument is necessary for the land to be available and remain beautiful for generations to come.

“I hope to God that someone in high places listens to an old man who was there and knows the value of what you have in this 10-mile circuit,” Lovett said. “So, all the best to you, and an urgent message to President Biden – for Pete’s sake, take care, grab your pen and sign.”

The National Snow Show – InTheSnow Fri, 23 Sep 2022 13:27:17 +0000

What to expect from this year’s National Snow Show

In just over a month, the National Snow Show will open the doors of the Birmingham NEC, officially kicking off the 2022/23 winter season. Thousands of winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels are expected to attend the two-day event, filled with awesome interactive features, world-class speakers and some of the best retail the scene has to offer.

The Show is a one-stop-shop for skiers and snowboarders looking to start the season in style. The Snow Stage, in partnership with Inghams, is back and hosted by the legendary Chemmy Alcott and Scott Penman. The stage will host world-class talent including Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, Katie Ormerod, Billy Morgan, Aimee Fuller, Mia Brookes, Graham Bell, Tim Warwood, Warren Miller, Keme Nzerem, Anna Turney and Jenny Jones in what is shaping up to be an incredible weekend of inspiration.

Snow Skills Booth sponsored by Crystal Ski Holidays, hosted by industry mogul Tord Nilson, also returns and offers a packed program including sessions on how to start a career as an instructor, an introduction to boarding interval training, improving technique and how to be more environmentally friendly when planning a ski vacation.

This year the show will feature brand new features including the Après Pavilion, delivered in partnership with Ski Club GB, OOSC, Eco Ski and NUCOTravel. A space where visitors can relax, enjoy live music from Squid Lips, DJ sets and ‘Beer Pong Championships’ from OOSC, NUCO Travel and Jubel, ski simulators and insurance partner advice official show insurance, Ski Club GB, Eco Ski cleaning station equipment and mountain-inspired drinks from Jubel Beer. The mood will be chilled until 3 p.m. when the tunes kick up a notch and the drinks start flowing. Don’t miss the Alpine Bar presented by SkiYodl which will be open all weekend to provide the perfect place to relax with friends new and old and absorb the energy of the show.

the snow show

Also new for 2022 is the Warren Smith Ski Technique Lab which will bring a personalized ski MOT from the experts, enhanced functionality from RAF Nordic and Norway Home of Skiing, which will host a Nordic introduction to roller skating as well as a greater experience biathlon with Laser Shooting alongside the experts. For those looking to hone their balance skills, head over to the Balance Board feature with Swifty.

The show, now in its second year, will feature a 40% larger indoor SnowDome track, offering budding skiers and snowboarders of all ages the chance to try their hand under the watchful eye of SnowDome experts and the FIS. An inflated skate ramp to test those skateboarding skills on the Graystone Action Sports Skate Mini Ramp is back by popular demand with jam sessions and swag up for grabs on Saturday afternoons plus boot fitting sessions with Ski Exchange.

The snow show

A shopper’s paradise, the show will feature stands from top brands as well as boutiques, including Atomic, Rossignol, Pulse Roll, Nordica, Oakley, UYN, Spyder and Picture Organic which will feature on the show’s retail partner, the vast Ski Exchange supporter store. Other exhibitors include The Snowboard Asylum, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Salomon, Black Peak Trading and many more.

As visitors’ minds begin to turn to their next winter vacation, the lounge offers face-to-face access to experienced tour operators and resorts to help plan the perfect trip, whether you’re traveling alone or with a large group. Crystal Ski Holidays, Inghams, Ski Andorra, Ikon Pass, Aosta Valley Tourist Board, France Montagne, Georgian National Tourism Administration, LAAX, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, OTP Swiss Holidays, Norway Home of Ski and Snowsport Scotland will all be at the show and ready to go. offer tailor-made advice and tailor-made holidays.

National Snow Show speaker Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards commented: “I’ve always found ski and snowboard shows to be a great way to bring people involved in winter ports together, it was such a shame that I can’t be there ‘in person’ in 2021, but I’m so looking forward to it this year. My participation in the Olympics taught me a lot, and I believe that everyone should try snow sports, regardless of experience or ability. The atmosphere when you bring winter sports enthusiasts together is fabulous and I look forward to sharing my story and hearing the stories of others at the Show.

The National Snow Show takes place in Hall 1 of the Birmingham NEC on October 15 and 16, doors open at 9am and tickets sell for £10 pp, children under 16 are free.

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world will be built in canada Fri, 23 Sep 2022 06:45:45 +0000

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world

The Quebec company geoLagon, specializing in the sale of cottages for short-term rental, intends to build the largest geothermal lagoon in the world in Charlevoix, Canada. Inspired by the famous Blue Lagoon of Iceland, the open-air lagoon will feature a patent-pending thermal reservoir heating system that will keep the waters at 39°C (102°F) year-round, providing shelter from plunging area temperatures. below freezing (32°F) in winter. The project will cover 12,000 m² (130,000 square feet) and will include hundreds of chalets to create a completely self-contained village.

the largest geothermal lagoon in the world will be built in the Charlevoix region, Canada

all images courtesy of geoLagoon


A study by Canadian sustainable energy company Akonovia has confirmed that the geoLagon project will be completely self-sufficient. A vast thermal reservoir will rest beneath the lagoon base, fueled by an energy ecosystem comprised of geothermal, biomass, photovoltaic and solar heating technologies, which are currently patent pending. The photovoltaic coating of the chalets will absorb solar energy to power the heat pumps. Compared to other developments, the geoLagon village plans to reduce its groundwater consumption by 90 to 95% thanks to a rainwater collection and filtration system. With other technologies such as sewage heat recovery, the geoLagon community could also eventually become an energy generator.

“Quebec is in pole position to demonstrate to the world that self-sufficiency in renewable energies is a real business option, particularly in the tourism industry,” shares Louis Massicotte, owner and CEO of the Quebec company. “I invite the citizens and associative actors of each territory to support us in our projects to speed up the process and quickly materialize this world first with a first geoLAGON village. I humbly hope that geoLAGON will become a source of pride for each of us. he adds.

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
a patent-pending thermal reservoir heating system that will keep the waters warm all year round

construction is expected to begin in March 2023

When the project is complete, groups of chalets will surround the lagoon, using a photovoltaic coating to capture solar energy and assist water heat pumps. These cottages will be for sale and can be used for living by the lagoon or rented out to tourists for vacations. Visitors to the location will have access to art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, restaurants, and whale watching experiences in addition to lagoon water.

The project is divided into three parts, the first being the construction of 150 solar-powered chalets, followed by the lagoon as the second stage, and finally the remaining 150 dwellings. After Charlevoix, geoLagoon has plans for three more such lagoons in the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Eastern Townships. Construction of the First site is scheduled to begin in March 2023.

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
groups of chalets will encircle the lagoon, using a photovoltaic coating to harness solar energy

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada
visitors to the location will have access to art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, restaurants and whale watching experiences

take a look at the world's largest geothermal lagoon to be built in canada

project info:

Last name: geoLagon project
company: geoLagoon
location: Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

myrto katsikopoulou I conceive

Sep 23, 2022

French ski resorts on a slippery slope with 15 million euro energy bills: here’s how they’re cutting costs Thu, 22 Sep 2022 14:20:19 +0000

Ski resorts across Europe are gearing up for their biggest winter season since COVID hit, but soaring energy prices could throw another wrench in the works.

Electricity is essential to keep resorts running, from lighting chalets to running ski lifts like clockwork. However, all this is becoming more and more expensive, jeopardizing the reopening of certain tracks.

France has recently implemented a series of energy saving measures, ranging from stopping the Eiffel Tower earlier to lower the temperature of swimming pools.

So what is the view on Macron’s “energy sobriety” plans since the mountain peaks?

Will French ski resorts be able to open this winter?

Electricity bills for the French ski the number of stations and ski lifts could be multiplied by eight next year, warns Anne Marty, delegate president of the Syndicate of Ski Areas of France (DSF) and deputy general manager of Altiservice, which manages several stations of the Pyrenees.

Those whose contracts expire in January face particularly steep increases, she says. In the Altiservice stations of Saint-Lary and Font-Romeu, the bills could soar by 15 million euros against 2 million euros in the worst case, sending the high tourist places into the red.

Sébastien Giraud, who manages the Villard-de-Lans station in the Massif du Vercors, also shared some raw figures. “We are not in a position to sign a new contract with EDF given the proposals made to us,” he told France 3 radio.

“The electricity bill would represent between 20 and 25% of our turnover, against 5% currently”, he said, adding “We will not be able to pay it”. As things stand, we won’t be able to open.

Current electricity prices are “a huge obstacle”, acknowledged Fabrice Boutet, general manager of the SATA group which manages the ski lifts of several ski resorts. The group’s energy bills are expected to rise from around 2 to 20 million euros, he told AFP.

Should chairlifts be considered a “means of transport”?

With businesses determined to open this winter, owners are asking for government support to see them through.

Marty argues that “chairlifts are a means of transportation, just like buses or subways. Ski lift operators have a responsibility towards the public. They therefore have the obligation to open.

The DSF demands that ski lift companies receive the same state support as energy-intensive companies in other sectors benefit from it. Frédéric Géromin, president of the union’s Isère region, also suggested the government could introduce a tariff, protecting lift operators like households who have seen their energy bills frozen at a 4% increase.

So what does this mean for avid skiers? If lift and gondolas operators were to close, this would of course have repercussions for the entire mountain ecosystem, including ski schools, restaurants and hotels.

How do ski resorts save energy?

However, vacationers are more likely to see subtle changes, including slightly slower climbs.

“The priority is to adopt a sobriety plan to reduce our consumption as much as possible”, declared the president of DSF Alexandre Maullin to RCF listeners. “With a little ingenuity, we can all come up with a 10% drop [as Macron has requested of businesses].”

Some slopes could be served by a single cable car instead of two during off-peak periods. The speed of other lifts could be lowered from six meters to four meters per second, and “the skier won’t notice the difference,” Maullin said.

More notable will be a likely rise in the price of ski holidays. “Part of the additional cost will inevitably be passed on to the end customer,” specifies DSF. Although Géromin says companies will do all they can to avoid this, French tourists and others are already suffering from inflation.

Renewable energy stations will fare better

Resorts that have invested in renewable energy will feel the benefits this winter.

Serre Chevalier, in the Hautes-Alpes, is the first ski area in the world to produce its own electricity from three clean energies. Hydroelectricity, solar panels and small wind turbines power 30% of its total consumption, powering ski lifts, engine rooms and snowmaking systems.

He has already experimented with reducing the speed of ski lifts when there are fewer skiers, with 70% of users giving them a boost.

A more existential and far-reaching threat to ski slopes is climate changeso it makes sense that stations also seek to reduce emissions while saving energy.

95% of greenhouse gas emissions from ski areas are produced by snow groomers, according to Serre Chevalier. So he’s also looking to switch from diesel to HVO fuel and leave more trails ungroomed, or “snow rough”.

We should embrace the “fall” of the pound Wed, 21 Sep 2022 16:42:18 +0000

THE MEDIA has gone from the election to the Tory leadership and royal funeral and has now started to worry about the fall of the pound – but should we?

The Pound is weak against the US Dollar, but so are most currencies right now, with the interesting exception of the Russian Ruble. Although before you got too excited the ruble only fell from 0.014 US a year ago to 0.017 US now it was as high as 0.042 in 2008 and as low as 0.0076 in March this year.

The dollar is high because the US Federal Reserve began raising US rates in June in big moves of 75 basis points. This seemed to catch most other central banks off guard or on vacation. The Bank of England raised its key rate in June, but only by 25 basis points. The Bank of England doesn’t meet in July so we had to wait until August for another hike, this time 50bps, but by then the US had hiked rates 75bps additional base and declared that they would be at 3% before the end of the year. It was this difference between the Central Bank’s base rates, the UK at 1.75% versus the US at 2.5%, that caused the divergence between the US and UK currency. . In June, the UK and US base rates were 1%. The US Federal Reserve is expected to raise key rates again today, with many economists expecting another 75 basis point move, pushing US rates to 3.25%.

The United States raises rates to fight inflation by withdrawing money from the market to depress consumer spending. In theory, people with variable mortgages or credit card charges as well as businesses with working capital loans all have to pay more money in interest payments and therefore have less money to spend on consumer goods, while a higher rate encourages more savings.

The E. The United States is the world’s largest importer of almost everything.

Luckily for Biden, the United States is still the world’s reserve currency, so the United States can get away with printing trillions of dollars and borrowing even more without international investors fleeing the currency. After all, what is alternative investing? Gold earns no interest, and 2.5% to 3.25% is better than nothing, especially if your capital is going up in value against your local currency.

The UK is not in the same boat. Neither does the euro zone. Both must balance the importance of money with the ability of consumers and businesses to pay higher interest rates and, unlike in the United States, massively higher energy bills.

If the UK had raised interest rates over the summer at the same rate as the US, our currency would be stronger, but a sudden and large increase in rates (corporate loans are mostly variable rates at a premium to the base rate), as well as our huge energy bills, could have put small businesses in receivership or caused them to default on their loans, which would fall on the banks and then the Bank of England.

Moreover, a sharp rise in UK rates would probably not have reduced consumer spending. According to the FCA, the number of mortgages in the UK has fallen from over 15 million in 2007 to just 13.4 million at the end of 2021. While the proportion of new fixed interest rate mortgages has fallen from just under 65% in 2007 to 94% at the end of 2021. Consumer spending would be hurt by rising credit card rates but price increases appear to have been just as effective: Retail sales fell by 1.6% in August, with non-food sales volume down 1.9% and department store sales volumes down 2.7%.

We should consider a relatively weaker pound as a gift from the United States

Many net exporting countries have tried to keep their currencies low against their major export markets. China is a master in this area, as is Turkey. It was formerly called the beg your neighbor policy as a relatively weak currency made imports more expensive relative to local products and made exports cheaper in other markets. Deliberately lowering your currency was generally considered bad form in the 1980s, but if the US offers the UK a relatively cheaper currency, why should we complain? The United States is already our biggest export market, but if a weaker pound increases exports of British goods to the United States, we should seize this opportunity with both hands.

Many economists, and in particular pro-Brexit businessman John Mills, tried to convince anyone who would listen that the UK pound was too high for manufacturing to survive in the UK and that a higher pound low would help the UK redevelop its industrial base. But even our service industries such as fund management, legal, advisory and accounting services have their costs in pounds and will therefore become relatively cheaper for US customers. An increase in UK exports from a weaker pound could save us from a recession.

And although the UK is currently a net importer, in some cases this is due to our strong currency. It is often cheaper to import goods than to manufacture them ourselves solely because of the exchange rate differential. However, to move from being a net importer to a net exporter, we should find products on which we can be competitive. It will not be against countries with very low wages or countries with relaxed employment regulations. The UK’s best bet would be to use its intellectual advantage and focus on new technologies and highly technical manufacturing industries that won’t be easily imitated by low-cost countries.

But what about our imports?

Many of the countries that supply the UK’s imports also have currencies falling against the dollar. China is our main import supplier, followed by Germany, then the United States, the Netherlands and Norway.

The Chinese yuan is at its lowest point against the US dollar since July 2020, but it has strengthened the pound again and is now at just under 8 yuan to the pound after being at just under 9 yuan a year ago. A strong yuan will make Chinese imports more expensive and help British industries relocate production. This will help the UK diversify its suppliers. If Covid has taught us anything, it should be to not depend on a single supplier. Security of supply requires multiple sources.

Other Asian Currencies – The Japanese Yen and South Korean Won have been in a similar trading range against the British Pound since last year. The Indian Rupee is off its 2020 lows but still below its 2019 level. These countries could possibly provide alternatives to Chinese manufacturing. Just like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

However, the euro is at its lowest point against the US dollar since 2002, and at 1.15 for the pound it is in the middle of its most recent trading range against the pound sterling, of 1, 09 at 1.19. So the cost of our imports from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain or Ireland will not change much. This covers a large part of our food and drink imports as well as many cars, clothing and shoes. If these prices rise, it would be because of their increased production costs – higher gas or fertilizer prices, not currency.

But the US is our third largest supplier of imports, supplying the UK with, in order: machinery and parts; precious metals and precious stones; mineral fuels and oils; electrical machinery and equipment; precision and optical equipment; aircraft and spacecraft; plastics; wood and charcoal; chemicals, etc these will be more expensive. Although most homogeneous commodities are priced in US dollars internationally, such as: oil and gas; gold and silver; sugar and coffee; corn and soy; most saw their prices fall as the US dollar rose. The international price of commodities is often determined by the willingness to sell of major exporting countries – usually not the United States.

The biggest source of inflation imported from the UK was natural gas, but even its price is now falling with the price of oil. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) peaked at $122/bl in early June before the first US rate hike, but is now down to $85. Brent Crude, a heavy North Sea crude, is also traded in US dollars and has also fallen from $121/bl in early June to $92 now. By the way, contrary to what many experts say, there is not one price for oil, there are many different oils being traded, with different characteristics – I will name just two but if you want know the price of MURBAN Crude or Louisiana Light you can look them up yourself. Similarly, there are several natural gas prices. European TTF gas fell from a peak of €345 per megawatt hour in August to 193 last night, while UK gas fell from £6.43 per Therm in August to £3.15 last night. US natural gas costs $7.72 per MMBtu. Yes, that means the UK gas price is 5 times the US gas price and the European gas price is almost 8 times the US price.

But it’s hard for Brits or Europeans to worry about the price of gas when both have untapped reserves of natural gas which they’ve chosen to leave in the ground – what did they expect what happens to prices when they have reduced supply?

With falling commodity prices, the UK is closer to recession than inflation. It may take a few months for lower input prices to lower consumer prices, and employment is a lagging indicator during a recession. So hopefully the Bank of England doesn’t chase US interest rates and the Moaning Myrtles in the mainstream media stop worrying about the cost of their ski vacation in Aspen and start thinking about the British economy. A lower pound may be just what we need right now.

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Review of Morzine: Best family ski resort in the Portes du Soleil – French Alps Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:04:58 +0000

Dilan Sisodia

Ski trips are one of the most common vacation trips during the winter and spring seasons, but finding the best family ski resorts for all abilities can be tricky due to the endless number of resorts and attractions. accommodation options. HELLO! were delighted to discover Morzine.

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Morzine, located at Gates Of The Sunthe french alps (and otherwise known as the Gateway to the Sun) is one of the more popular options. It is known for the endless amounts of winter activities and of course skiing, making it one of the best ski resorts in the French Alps. Here are the key details about Morzine and first-hand recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to eat during your stay!

Morzine offers epic views of the French Alps

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Where is Morzine

Morzine is in the French Alps and is situated around the Portes du Soleil region. A short flight from London to Geneva followed by a quick 1-2 hour coach ride – I used Skiidy Gonzales which has the best view of Switzerland. You will have plenty of time to settle into your hotel – we recommend Hotel Neve, or even start your skiing adventures in the Alps! Not only is the journey quite short, but Morzine is nestled in the heart of ski resorts, local farms and even nightlife.

Ski with the family in the French Alps

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Where to sleep in Morzine

I recommend staying at Hotel Nevea modern and stylish 3 star hotel recently refurbished including a spa, gym, indoor swimming pool and a fantastic outdoor hot tub with views of the surrounding mountains.

Hôtel Névé offers incredible views from the hot tub

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Hôtel Névé in winter

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Where to eat in Morzine

The town is full of restaurants and bars

The farm

The Closed is a 250 year old restaurant and 11 bedroom boutique hotel located in the heart of Morzine. It features an open fireplace, cozy sitting area, flame-lit dining room and luxurious bedrooms with years of history and character.

Enjoy The Farmhouse’s atmospheric dining room

The chamade

The chamade is a popular and more formal restaurant in the Morzine area, offering an extensive range of wines for all. There’s also a selection of the best cheeses downstairs alongside a floor dedicated to the local art scene.

Gastro pub Bec Jaune

Homesickness? The Brasserie du Bec Jaune has it covered with a substantial menu of gourmet comfort food using local ingredients and a bustling atmosphere filled with tourists, locals and plenty of locally produced beer from its microbrewery.

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Winter activities in Morzine

There is so much to do besides skiing

Ski with an eagle

Unmissable, this unique opportunity to ski alongside birds of prey only exists in Morzine! Spot eagles, owls, vultures and more. The action-packed ski tour (available for guests over 12) will allow you to learn about the birds while seeing them in action. Professional photos will be taken of you to purchase later, and you’ll also get the chance to hold the birds if you’re lucky! Book here.

A photo opportunity of a lifetime

Walking with snowshoes

Have you always wanted to hike in the snowy mountains at night and gaze at the stars? Snowshoeing in Morzine is the ideal activity, with breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the magnificent peaks of the Swiss mountains. As you hike through the mountains, spot local wildlife, gaze at the stars through binoculars, and end the night with local wine by an open campfire.

Bars / Après-ski

As well as restaurants and gastropubs in Morzine, there is a great choice of places to drink, including bars and the lively après-ski culture on the mountain, which is also easy to ski for beginners.

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How high is Morzine?

Morzine is an impressive 1000 meters high – and that’s not counting the tracks!

Morzine – a breathtaking place

Find out more and plan your wonderful winter vacation in here.

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The HELLO! is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature articles that our editors like and approve of. HELLO! may receive a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To find out more visit our FAQs.

The French ski specialist celebrates its 20th anniversary by expanding to offer more than 75 resorts Wed, 21 Sep 2022 13:09:56 +0000

Peak Retreats, the ski holiday company that has built its reputation on offering vacations to smaller, traditional and more affordable French resorts that offer the same access to many of the world’s greatest ski areas as their more famous neighbours, celebrates its 20th season this winter.

To celebrate, Peak Retreats is expanding the range of French resorts they offer to over 75, to give it a leading position for the huge range of destinations on offer. This time, it is these large altitude neighbors that can now be booked by the company, for example Tignes le Lac, Val Thorens, Les Arcs and La Plagne. The operator has also expanded its accommodation offer in existing resorts, including Samoëns (below) and La Rosière.

Resorts like Val Thorens and La Plagne allow guests to enjoy great skiing conditions at the very start and end of the season, while offering the unique après-ski atmosphere that the high altitude is known for.

“These are resorts and properties that our team of alpine specialists, some of whom have been with us almost from the start, already know and love and are delighted to share with guests. It feels like a natural progression,” commented Xavier Schouller, Founder of Peak Retreats.

The additions mean an expanded range of high-end properties, from superb self-contained chalets on the slopes (such as La Cascade in Arc 2000 and Arpoza in Arc 1800, both of which have their own swimming pool and sauna), to self-contained apartments of luxury. such as those at Chalet Cocoon in Val Thorens, whose apartments have a private hot tub on their own terrace overlooking the resort.

Sport à l’annonce, the startup that makes sports posters chic! » The economic and political letter of PACA Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:10:54 +0000

The 1st brand of decorative sports posters “Made in France” to dress up your rooms with style.

SPORT A L’AFFICHE, the startup that makes sports posters chic!

Created in 2020 in Nice, Sport à l’ Affiche is the story of a startup bringing together 2 brothers passionate about sport, Thomas and Léonard Mercier, who wanted to bring their passion to life by creating a new product for all fans. sport. By combining their expertise (e-commerce & marketing for Thomas and graphic design for Léonard), they successfully launched several artistic poster concepts on the theme of sport. “From design to printing, we attach particular importance to the quality of our posters, designed, created and printed in France”, explains Léonard Mercier. “We wanted to allow all sports fans to be able to display their passion with pride. With our design posters, all athletes and supporters can now proudly display their passion or achievement,” says Thomas Mercier. Faced with the commercial success of the first posters, with both female and male audiences, Sport à L’ Affiche has decided to develop the offer of its online store by partnering with the biggest names from 2022. sports (PSG, France Rugby, Alpine F1 Team, etc.) in order to become the reference shop for official sports posters!

Your teams, your athletes, your legends, your stadiums and sporting achievements are on Sport à l’ Affiche!

On the online store, consumers looking for an original gift idea to satisfy an athlete or a sports fan at Christmas will have access to a very wide choice: more than 200 posters are already referenced in the catalog covering more than twenty sports (football, basketball, cycling, rugby, motorcycling, running, boxing, golf, tennis, handball, swimming, skiing, mountaineering, surfing, yoga, etc.). Sport à l’Affiche, there are also many collections of licensed posters including many football clubs (PSG, OGC Nice, Stade Rennais, Olympique Lyonnais, Toulouse FC, etc.), Rugby France Rugby, Stade Toulousain, RC Toulon, Stade Français, USAP, Section Paloise), Basketball (FFBB, Limoges CSP, Orléans Loiret Basket), Handball (PSG, HBC Nantes) or F1 (Alpine F1 Team). There are also champions who have marked the history of French sport such as Alain Bernard, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Perrine Laffont, Antoine Denariaz or Pierre Roland.

To highlight your sporting exploits, Sport à l’ Affiche also offers personalized posters of your marathon, cycling, trail competitions… with the name/first name of the runner, the route taken with the time taken. Tailor-made posters that are very successful on the online store. The Sports Poster offer continues to grow: more licensed posters will be available by the end of the year, with the release of a new range of quality sports products such as glasses, postcards , calendars, mugs and photo prints.

13 Best Wrap Coats for Women – Dress Coats for Fall 2022 Mon, 19 Sep 2022 20:05:12 +0000

Getty Images

Fashion has finally emerged from its pandemic cocoon, ditching knit ensembles and schlubby sweatpants for cocktail dresses and everything tailored. But according to the biggest fashion trends of Fall 2022, there’s always something to dress comfortably when it comes to our everyday coats.

Robe coats, seen on the catwalks from Coperni to Saint Laurent to Stella McCartney, adopt the classic belted and wrap silhouette and amp up the cozy factor with the most luxurious materials: faux fur, shearling, quilted leather and more. faux fur. More affordable but no less luxurious versions can be found at Apparis and Alo Yoga. Overall, these well-insulated jackets feel like braving the possible fall and winter elements by the fireside après-ski.

The style name conjures up a hotel, Netflix, and hibernation mood, but the best bathrobes and coats are made to be seen. “We’ve seen a number of robes on the Fall 2022 runways that can be worn up or down depending on the occasion,” says Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director at Mytheresa. When staying soft, informal, and lounge-appropriate is still imperative, Hsu recommends throwing your coat over a chunky knit and loose pants. Then, “for a more modern look that’s not too old-fashioned, I’d wear either joggers or high-waisted pants with a tucked-in shirt,” she suggests. And if you want to take one of our 13 favorite robe coats below in a dressier direction, Hsu has a style hack in one post: “You can always add a heel.”

  • Insider’s favorite coat

    Avril shearling wrap coat
    Nili Lotan

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  • The Bouclé Coat

    Bouclé mohair blend coat

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  • The new Hue Coat

    Faux fur belted coat
    White Label Proenza Schouler

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  • The Cloud Coat

    Alpaca wool and cotton coat

    Read more

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Insider’s favorite coat

Nili Lotan

Avril shearling wrap coat

The Bouclé Coat


Bouclé mohair blend coat

The plush coat


Bree Coat

The new Hue Coat

White Label Proenza Schouler

Faux fur belted coat

The Cloud Coat


Alpaca wool and cotton coat

The track coat

Stella McCartney

Embellished faux fur coat

The unisex coat

& other stories

Hairy belted coat

The printed coat


Tansy coat

The sheepskin coat

By Malene Birger

Perugia reversible shearling coat

The beautiful backup


Tie coat

The sweater coat

LITA by Ciara

Love Language Oversized Wrap Coat

The double-breasted coat

Booth Studio

Faustine double-breasted faux fur coat

Critics’ Favorite Coat

Hello Yoga

Oversized faux fur trench coat

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